Chapter 1108: One Hit K.O.

“Gu Xintang, you stubborn fool. I warned you a long time ago, didn’t I? How dare a mere captain look down on the mighty Ten Ultimates? Do you think that this is a place like anywhere else where you can come and go anytime you want?” The one-eyed man crawled out of his corner again to scold Gu Xintang self-righteously. None of the ten great experts were speaking, but the one-eyed man had spoken up first. This showed that he must be one who held foremost authority beneath the ten great experts. He was likely a butler of some kind.

Gu Xintang cupped his hands together and spoke evenly. “Everyone, I am here to perform an official investigation today, so please bear with me.”

The captain’s words were fair, but he still sounded a bit uncertain. It was understandable, considering he was facing a bunch of ruthless monsters. Another captain might have turned pale and stuttered in fright already.

“Shut it!” An old man with hair as white as cranes’ feathers, but a face as young as a child’s scolded Gu Xintang as his expression darkened. “Who the hell do you think you are? Did the hallmaster neglect to teach you the rules? How dare an...

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