Chapter 1107: The Ten Ultimates

The shrewd man was obviously very afraid of the zone. Even with Gu Xintang around, he didn’t think well of their intention to visit the Ten Ultimates at all. Who wasn’t aware in the Sable Cells that the Ten Ultimates was a place not even Bleakmoon Hall’s captains dared enter carelessly. Even on the occasion they had to go in, they would be on full alert the entire time.

Every fiend imprisoned in the Ten Ultimates was heartless and crazy. A mere captain had no right to put on airs in that place. If they offended these monsters, they might well be slaughtered on the spot. There were definitely such a precedence, and many times in the past as well. The captains wouldn’t be so wary of this place otherwise. Those imprisoned in the Ten Ultimates weren’t someone that a mere captain could intimidate. To put it bluntly, the captains were the ones who had to watch themselves and discard all airs, or else dire consequences befall them.

So how did the shrewd man dare enter the Ten Ultimates? He didn’t even have the guts to approach the area, especially since he was the one who’d raised it in the first place. If the experts in the Ten Ultimates learned that he was the one who’d revealed their secret, he wouldn’t survive their wrath even if he had ten lives.

“I’m not going, Captain Gu.” The shrewd man blurted when he thought up to this point.

Gu Xintang frowned. “Sure, do as you wish. If your intel is incorrect though, you better be prepared to stay in Sable Cells for the rest of your life.”

The shrewd man shook his head. “My intel is absolute correct. It’s what I concluded after gathering information from many places, so there’s absolutely no way it could be wrong.”

Jiang Chen tossed the ten Heroic Sage Pill to the shrewd man before asking in a low tone, “If the Ten Ultimates is as scary as you say, then why would their cultivators be so interested in an origin realm cultivator? What on earth are they planning by bringing him into the zone? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?”

The shrewd man smiled wryly. “Do you think anything good can happen in this place? I dare not say that everyone in the Sable Cells is an irredeemable criminal, but no one who gets into the Ten Ultimates has a shred of mercy left in their hearts.”

“What on earth are they planning?” Jiang Chen frowned.

“I’m not sure about the details, but I heard that the experts of the Ten Ultimates noticed the origin realm cultivator’s bloodline to be pretty uncommon. There was something interesting about his bloodline that drew their attention. Right now, they’re stuck at discussing about how to split the goods among themselves, but if I have to guess they’re probably fattening that cultivator so they can devour his bloodline power later. He’s only at origin realm after all. Things will probably change when he reaches sage realm or emperor realm.”

“And how long will that take? There are no cultivation resources in the Sable Cells at all.” Gu Xintang frowned.

“It’s true that there are no cultivation resources in the Sable Cells, but that doesn’t mean they can’t acquire them. To put it bluntly, the experts of the Ten Ultimates are far higher in the status quo than a captain like you. Do you really think that people like them would be completely helpless? Who know, they may even be in cahoots with a senior executive in Moon God Sect.”

Of course these people were imprisoned for a reason, but that didn’t mean their original contacts were all gone. No one in the Ten Ultimates was an easy picking.

Jiang Chen should’ve been absolutely furious to hear this, but not only was he not angry at all, his nerves even relaxed a little. It didn’t matter what the people inside the Ten Ultimates were planning as long as his father was safe for the moment. That was all he needed to hear. As for their plans, they were irrelevant. After all, what did he have to be afraid of with Old Brother Mo by his side?

That being said, Jiang Chen was curious about something. He knew that his father’s bloodline was nothing special at all. Jiang Feng was his blood-related father, so he knew exactly how much potential his father had.

The only way to explain this was that his father must have consumed the Five Dragons Opening Heavens Pill and successfully unlocked a bloodline that could cultivate all five elements. This bloodline was so rare that it might not even be possible to find someone like this in a hundred million cultivators. The pill itself was just a foundation-type pill used to establish one’s foundation when breaking through to the spirit realm. It was completely useless to an emperor realm cultivator.

Jiang Chen wasn’t willing to speculate beyond this. All was well in the world as long as his father was still alive.

“Captain Gu, we’re entering the Ten Ultimates. You may stay behind after you lead us to the entrance.” Jiang Chen didn’t want to drag the captain into this mess.

But Gu Xintang shook his head. “I’m going with you. My conscience won’t be clean if I let the two of you enter that place alone.”

The shrewd man looked anxious when he saw that Gu Xintang was adamant. “Captain Gu, who’s going to fulfill your promise if something happens to you in the Ten Ultimates?”

Gu Xintang cursed angrily, “What nonsense are you spouting!? There’s no need to be in a rush. I’ll keep my promise. Do you think everyone in the world is as cowardly as you are?”

The man fell silent. It was true that the cultivators of the Ten Ultimates were ferocious, but Gu Xintang was a representative of the Moon God Sect. He would probably be safe as long as he didn’t go overboard.

Still, the man couldn’t help but wipe away a bit of cold sweat on their behalf. Snatching food from the tiger’s mouth? It was a feat possible only for the greatest heavyweights of the sect. Otherwise, not even the hallmaster of Bleakmoon Hall might necessarily be able to take someone from the Ten Ultimates. In the end, the man still decided not to follow them.

Gu Xintang led Jiang Chen and Emperor Peerless towards the Ten Ultimates. The man shook his head with worry as he stared at the departing group’s backs. He wasn’t worried for their life, but that no one would fulfill Gu Xintang’s promise if he died. Still, he’d gotten ten Heroic Sage Pills. It wasn’t a completely fruitless endeavor. Even if he couldn’t leave this place immediately, these ten Heroic Sage Pills were enough for him to increase a cultivation level.

“Gu Xintang is normally very rigid in his thinking, so what pushed him to act so recklessly this time? Who are those two? What are their backgrounds?” The shrewd man was extremely curious about their identities. He also clucked his tongue in wonder as he wrapped his hands around the ten Heroic Sage Pills. “Haha, I would’ve asked for more if I knew they were this generous. Speaking of which, those two looked utterly fearless for some reason. Can they really be a big shot or something?”

The man was both gossipy and smart. The more he thought of Gu Xintang’s reactions, the more he thought that the two strangers were extremely powerful and of important background. There was no way Gu Xintang would be so resolute in his decision to accompany them into the Ten Ultimates otherwise.

“I hope they’ll come back successful. My freedom depends on you all now.” The shrewd man yearned for freedom.

The Ten Ultimates was deeper inside the Sable Cells. It was also superior to the other parts of the Cells. The amount of wandering prisoners obviously decreased after they arrived at the Ten Ultimates. The environment of this place was absolutely incomparable to the other areas of the Sable Cells. Even more ridiculous was the fact that there were prisoners who cleaned and tidied the place up nicely. Although the Ten Ultimates still looked a little sparse, it was shocking to find a place like this in the Sable Cells.

“Tsk tsk, these ‘VIPs’ sure know how to enjoy life even in prison. A different person might’ve thought they’re here for a vacation.” Jiang Chen commented with a bit of mockery in his tone.

Gu Xintang smiled wryly. Even he thought that the Ten Ultimates looked a little too nice. A prisoner in the Sable Cells should at least looked like a prisoner, shouldn’t they? He wasn’t in the position to comment about this though.

Just as they were approaching the Ten Ultimates, a group of people suddenly walked out from the buildings on the left and right. They were all staring at Gu Xintang unkindly.

A one-eyed man asked coldly, “Captain Gu? Are you the one on duty today?”

This one-eyed man was obviously not one of the Ten Ultimates. He was more of a watchdog. If he was one of the experts, then Gu Xintang might’ve considered showing him a bit of courtesy. But he was just a gatekeeper, so the captain was quite displeased with his attitude.

Gu Xintang responded calmly, “One-Eyed Zhao, since when did you have the right to ask if I’m on duty today?”

The gatekeeper obviously had one eye left, but Gu Xintang had purposely called him a blind man. A trace of cruelty flashed across the gatekeeper’s remaining eye before he quickly concealed it.

“I can’t care less about your business, but I must warn you’ll be crossing a line if you come any further. There are places you can’t enter just because you feel like it.” A tinge of warning and threat colored the one-eyed man’s tone.

“Bullshit! This is the Sable Cells, and I’m the captain who oversees the Sable Cells. There is nowhere in this place that I cannot go. Who the hell do you think you are to question my right, One-Eyed Zhao?” Gu Xintang didn’t care to be polite at all. He wasn’t a person who would suffer a threat from a gatekeeper no matter how good-tempered he was.

“Tsk tsk, you sure are awe-inspiring today, Captain Gu. Sure, feel free to ignore my kind-hearted warning like the ignorant fool you are. None of us will try to stop you. Come on, show us that you have the balls to walk right on through.” The one-eyed man ridiculed him merrily and actually waved away all of his men. He ignored Gu Xintang and his group entirely.

There was no reason for the captain to back down at this point, so he let out a cold snort. “Pretentious bastard. Come on, let us continue forwards.”

Jiang Chen nodded. He had taken note of Gu Xintang’s performance.

Emperor Peerless also gave Gu Xintang a smile and patted him on the shoulder as a show of encouragement. “Don’t worry, we’ll hold up even the sky for you if it collapses.”

The great emperor’s words was like a surge of invisible energy that boosted his spirits massively. Gu Xintang immediately felt as steady as having eaten a tranquilizer. He strode forwards and led Jiang Chen and Emperor Peerless into the depths of the Ten Ultimates.

It was obvious to the denizens of the Ten Ultimates that someone had intruded on their playground. This was a very, very rare occurrence, as even Bleakmoon Hall’s men had to report to them and obtain their permission before they were allowed to enter. 

Had someone seriously just entered without permission today? Were they looking down on the Ten Ultimates? The experts of the zone might fight against each other often, but they were quite united in their desires to protect their own territory. They called out to each other and emerged from their hidey holes, completely surrounding Gu Xintang and Jiang Chen.

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