Chapter 1107: The Ten Ultimates

The shrewd man was obviously very afraid of the zone. Even with Gu Xintang around, he didn’t think well of their intention to visit the Ten Ultimates at all. Who wasn’t aware in the Sable Cells that the Ten Ultimates was a place not even Bleakmoon Hall’s captains dared enter carelessly. Even on the occasion they had to go in, they would be on full alert the entire time.

Every fiend imprisoned in the Ten Ultimates was heartless and crazy. A mere captain had no right to put on airs in that place. If they offended these monsters, they might well be slaughtered on the spot. There were definitely such a precedence, and many times in the past as well. The captains wouldn’t be so wary of this place otherwise. Those imprisoned in the Ten Ultimates weren’t someone that a mere captain could intimidate. To put it bluntly, the captains were the ones who had to watch themselves and discard all airs, or else dire consequences befall them.

So how did the shrewd man dare enter the Ten Ultimates? He didn’t even have the guts to approach the area, especially since he was the one who’d raised it in the first place. If the experts...

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