Chapter 1104: A Ray of Hope

Gu Xintang was thoroughly confused. He didn’t understand why Third Master Jing was so agitated. The third master was asking after something insignificant at best. An origin realm cultivator was hardly relevant in the grand scheme of things. Gu Xintang hadn’t even dealt with the matter himself. Instead, it had been delegated to subordinates. As an enforcer of the Bleakmoon Hall, he hardly needed to personally take care of the likes of ants.

“Why’re you asking all of a sudden, Third Master?” Gu Xintang couldn’t resist shooting back. 

The third master was a bit white in the face. He snuck a glance at Jiang Chen to gauge the latter’s opinion. The young man furrowed his brow. “Captain Gu, what kind of place are the Sable Cells you speak of?”

“Where we keep our prisoners, of course,” Gu Xintang replied without thinking.

“So it’s possible for him to still be alive, after being tossed in there?” A ray of hope glimmered in Jiang Chen’s eyes.

Third Master Jing tried to look as expressively as he could at the captain. Unfortunately, Gu seemed to be immune to his efforts, and...

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