Chapter 1103: Third Master Jing’s Wish to Befriend Jiang Chen

“The only thing you lot can do is to pray that that man is safe. If he’s safe and I happen to be in a good mood, then maybe I’ll let you live. Otherwise… you know the consequences.” Jiang Chen didn’t wish to waste more breath, so he left with a flourish of his sleeves. The others followed behind him. As for the remaining pathetic souls, no one cared if they lived or died.

Third Master Jing glanced at the Heavensworn Four while doing his best to suppress his mirth. Sighing fakely with regret, he too walked towards outside. His smile bloomed like a flower the second he stepped out of the door. Delight was the only thing he felt from the Heavensworn Four’s misery. Normally, the four were so arrogant that their noses were in the air. They never showed him any respect at all despite his position.

Third Master Jing might be an asshole, but he was also the vice head of the first division and an official representative of the Moon God Sect. What was the Heavensworn Four? Sure, they had a patron in the sect, but it was also impossible for an underworld faction to gain official recognition. These tyrants who didn’t even...

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