Chapter 1102: You’re Emperor Peerless?

The hallmaster of the Bleakmoon Hall was merely a half-step great emperor. There was nothing he could possibly do against a full-fledged great emperor. It was why many first rank sects were reluctant to offend wandering great emperors, even though they weren’t afraid of direct battle. They were worried that these great emperors would sporadically harass or annoy them.

Even a first rank sect would have to eat a great loss unless their forefathers personally dealt with the problem, but these eminent figures often preferred not to partake in these matters unless there was a threat to the sect fortunes or the fate of the sect was hanging in the balance. They would never appear under normal circumstances because a spar between two great emperors was extremely taxing. Unless matters had reached a point of no return, no one would ever want to make this sacrifice.

The purple-haired captain, Captain Luo, seemed very dusty and travel-worn. He’d travelled across vast distances without any rest,...

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