Chapter 1102: You’re Emperor Peerless?

The hallmaster of the Bleakmoon Hall was merely a half-step great emperor. There was nothing he could possibly do against a full-fledged great emperor. It was why many first rank sects were reluctant to offend wandering great emperors, even though they weren’t afraid of direct battle. They were worried that these great emperors would sporadically harass or annoy them.

Even a first rank sect would have to eat a great loss unless their forefathers personally dealt with the problem, but these eminent figures often preferred not to partake in these matters unless there was a threat to the sect fortunes or the fate of the sect was hanging in the balance. They would never appear under normal circumstances because a spar between two great emperors was extremely taxing. Unless matters had reached a point of no return, no one would ever want to make this sacrifice.

The purple-haired captain, Captain Luo, seemed very dusty and travel-worn. He’d travelled across vast distances without any rest, only to find that Heavensfall Society was already in shambles. This put him in a rather bad mood. And to top it off, the fourth of the Heavensworn Four had adopted an interrogative air and seemed to be complaining about the hallmaster’s absence and that the two squads he’d brought were insufficient.

“Ju Fourth, you like to talk big, huh. The hallmaster has a host of problems to deal with everyday! Is he your servant to come and go at your convenience?” Captain Luo was rather displeased. “What on earth are you playing at? What’s all this?”

Ju Fourth was extremely depressed. “We’ve truly barked up the wrong tree. Captain Luo, you needn’t bother venting your temper on us. Hurry on back to the sect and inform the hallmaster of this matter. It’d be best if a great emperor forefather was informed of this too…”

“Shut your mouth!” Captain Luo flew into a rage. “Why would a forefather partake in your petty matters?!”

Elder Luo was clearly no ordinary man if he could become a captain of the Bleakmoon Hall. He could immediately tell that the Heavensfall Society had provoked a formidable foe. Their enemy was clearly much stronger than the two squads he’d brought with him. His squads couldn’t even rival the Society in terms of fighting potential. 

The Heavensworn Four was composed of high level emperors, of whom Cong Taiyan was the strongest, and these powerful figures were currently captives with no way to resist. Thus it was clear that their enemies were clearly no ordinary figures. Even the hallmaster of the Bleakmoon Hall wouldn’t be able to do anything to them, much less him.

“Fellow daoists, I apologize for being blunt, but are you the ones who did this to the Heavensfall Society?” Captain Luo asked without being too overbearing or meek.

Jiang Chen smiled blandly. “That is correct. Captain Luo, are you going to bring us to justice?”

Captain Luo smiled wryly in response to Jiang Chen’s subtle mockery. “The Bleakmoon Hall has always been impartial and just. Surely you can explain your reasoning and motive behind this?” 

“There’s no need. These men clearly deserved death. The only reason I hadn’t exterminated them was because I wanted to give Third Master Jing some face. Since you’re from the Bleakmoon Hall, I shan’t give you any trouble. This conflict shall remain between us and them.” Jiang Chen didn’t want to have a complete fall out with the Bleakmoon Hall. 

Captain Luo was dumbfounded. Just who exactly was this person? How could he afford to be so cocky in Tilted Moon Region’s territory? In this region, not many dared speak to the Bleakmoon Hall in such a condescending way. The young man was clearly from a very formidable background, but he seemed to be at most an initial level emperor. Emperors were rare in this region, but they weren’t all that far and few between. 

Captain Luo swept a complicated gaze at Emperor Peerless and Madame Yun and was suddenly lost in thought. Third Master Jing approached him and advised bluntly. “Captain Luo, this genuinely is a private feud between them.”

Captain Luo clearly didn’t like Third Master Jing very much either and responded with a cold snort. “Jing Third, I don’t need you to tell me what to do.”

Third Master Jing forced a smile. “I’ve no interest in telling you what to do. I’m just explaining the situation. Feel free to enforce the law if you want to. Just don’t blame me when you eat a great loss.”

Captain Luo was rendered speechless. Another captain suddenly stepped forwards and raised his cupped fist at Jiang Chen. “Friend, all things should be done within reason. What exactly is the nature of your feud with the Heavensfall Society? As long as you’re in our territory, we have the authority to question you!”

“Is that so?” Jiang Chen laughed mockingly. “Go ahead and enforce your authority then. We’ll see who gets the last laugh in this matter.

“We go.” Jiang Chen made a sweeping gesture and left. He clearly didn’t want to waste any more of his breath on the two captains.

This action made the two captains absolutely livid. Should they stop him? They weren’t confident that they could. Especially not when Emperor Peerless had flared some of his aura.  Even the slightest great emperor aura was enough to make them tremble in their boots.

“Captain Luo, stop them! They’ve poisoned us! Who’s going to give us the antidote if they leave?” Ju Fourth yelled loudly.

Captain Luo threw a cold and vicious glare at Ju Fourth. “Shut your mouth!”

He summoned his courage and appeared in front of Jiang Chen after a flash of his figure. The others naturally wouldn’t stand idly after their captain had made a move. They quickly charged forward and barricaded the entrance with a formation.

Jiang Chen laughed angrily as he sized Captain Luo up. “Captain, I’m not trying to scare you, but in terms of strength, your two squads are actually weaker than the Heavensfall Society. Do you honestly think you can stop us when not even Cong Taiyan could?” 

Captain Luo was once again speechless. It was their duty to subdue these people, but this was clearly beyond their abilities. They should really refrain from such futile efforts.

Emperor Peerless suddenly approached the captain with a gentle smile on his face. He patted the captain on the shoulder. “Captain Luo, is it? Pass on a message to your sect master and tell him that Mo Wushuang sends his regards.”

Mo Wushuang?!

Captain Luo was dumbfounded when he heard the name. “E-esteemed elder… you’re Emperor Peerless?” He asked as his face slowly turned as red as a tomato.

The emperor smiled blandly. “That’d merely a title that the jianghu has given to me out of admiration. I’m just a wandering dandelion that has yet to take root.”   

Wandering cultivators often described themselves as a floating dandelion. The emperor was being modest. Captain Luo naturally wouldn’t take his words seriously. Color drained from everyone’s faces when the emperor revealed his identity. The Heavensworn Four were utterly flabbergasted. They finally realized who they’d offended and how frighteningly scary he was. Their faces were ashen with regret as they sighed inwardly. 

“Esteemed senior, this matter is definitely beyond what we juniors can handle. It’s also beyond the jurisdiction of the Bleakmoon Hall too. I’ll make sure to report this matter to our hallmaster so that he may relay your greeting to the sect master.” Captain Luo was very quick witted. He immediately expressed his apologies in a manner that was both appropriate and sensible when he noticed that things had turned south.

The Heavensworn Four were indeed backed by the Moon God Sect. The sect supported their tyrannical and despotic acts, but they had no qualms sacrificing them when push came to shove. It clearly wasn’t worth offending a wandering great emperor over them. The Four were as pale as a ghost when they heard Captain Luo’s humbling voice. They knew at that point that their fates were now set in stone. The sect was powerful, but they would never risk offending a long established great emperor for them.

After the Bleakmoon Hall’s departure, the Heavensworn Four started to beg and plead like a group of defeated fighting cocks. There was no longer any animosity in their eyes. It had long been replaced by complete submission.  There was no reason to further antagonize an enemy that they could do nothing against.

“Senior Peerless, it’s our fault for being as ignorant as a pig! Please forgive us for offending you!” Beigong Ming was the first to get on his knees.   

Cong Taiyan swallowed his pride as well. “Senior Peerless, I realize that I’m a huge scoundrel, but we didn’t offend you on purpose! We shouldn’t be blamed for what happened! If the Moon God Sect hadn’t set that rule, why would we send that man to them?”   

“Senior, please show us some mercy and let us make amends!” Beigong Ming pleaded.

The fiasco from before had caused an enormous crack within the Heavensworn Four. However, they were too busy begging for their lives to care about such trivial matters. From here on out, the Heavensworn Four and the Society would cease to exist. Closing shop for good was the best choice of action after offending a great emperor.

Emperor Peerless responded blandly. “Sir Shao has the last say in this matter. I’m merely his henchman.” The emperor was extremely straightforward. He didn’t feel the slightest shame for saying that he was a henchman. In fact, he was more than happy to serve Jiang Chen.

It was Jiang Chen who rescued him and his wife from the gates of hell after all. It was only right that he’d do his savior a favor. 

“Sir Shao, I knew that you were no ordinary man! Please give us a chance! We’re one of the local heads in this place. If you give us a chance, we definitely make it up to you!” Beigong Min pleaded miserably.

Make amends? Make it up to me? Jiang Chen smiled coldly. Even a hundred deaths wouldn't be enough to make amends if his father was dead because of them.

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