Chapter 1101: Bleakmoon Hall

Jiang Chen sighed quietly, but still hoped that his luck would hold up. “So the holy maiden’s brother is definitely not in the sect?”

“Of course, he was chased out of the sect when he was twelve. He wasn’t even allowed to stay in the Tilted Moon Region. No one knows where he went.”

“Do you mean that neither the Blue Moon holy maiden nor Holy Maiden Xu Meng know about this either?” Jiang Chen couldn’t help but ask.

“They would like to, but the Moon God Sect would never allow that knowledge to reach them. To be frank, no one even knows if he still lives to this day.”

It was blunt, but Jiang Chen knew it was the truth. He had never met his brother, so his father took precedence even though he was also concerned about his brother. After all, Jiang Chen had actually lived with his father. They shared a deep relationship with each other. He had never seen his mother, younger brother or younger sister before. Though there was still a bond of blood between them, it wasn’t as strong as the one he shared with his father.

This was about as much as he could glean from this person. He’d learned everything...

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