Chapter 110: A Frightened Yu Jie

Chapter 110: A Frightened Yu Jie

Should he deploy the secret arts or not? Yu Jie hesitated, but still restrained himself in the end.

He knew that currying favor with Long Juxue was a must, but he couldn’t put everything on the line either. If he found it difficult to proceed in his training in the future, then he’d be worthless in the eyes of Long Juxue as well.

Such a price wasn’t worth it, no matter how he looked at the situation.

“Yu Jie, you don’t have to hold on in the face of extreme pain. I can give you a choice. Leave Long Juxue behind, and you may go.” Jiang Chen readjusted the formation, and was actually quite at ease.

“My slash has already caused injury to you. The more you battle, the worse your internal injuries will become. If we keep dragging things out like this, the first one to die will be you.”

Jiang Chen attacked psychologically with every step.

The fight was in a stalemate at this moment, and they were competing with endurance.

In actuality, the Goldwing Swordbirds had also fought to an exceedingly weary state, even though they were fighting in groups.

They hadn’t dared relax their guard against a spirit dao practitioner, and had brought one hundred percent of their strength to bear.

If this continued, the only...

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