Chapter 1099: Wanting To Cry, But Lacking Tears To Do So

Ordinarily, the Heavensworn Four didn’t care a whit about origin realm cultivators of any kind. If that particular one hadn’t been trying to gather information on the Moon God Sect’s secrets, they wouldn’t have known about him personally at all. Though they’d taken a more intimate interest in the matter afterwards, they hadn’t thought it was anything more than routine. And yet, it was that mundane event which had brought calamity upon the Heavensfall Society.

Cong Taiyan opened his mouth several more times, but was stopped by a look from Beigong Ming each time. Clearly, the latter was worried that the former’s fiery temper would anger their interrogators once more and lead to further bloodshed. Right now, they had to suck it up and wait for reinforcements.

“Next question.” Liu Zhen’s look swept frostily across the Heavensworn Four’s faces. “You better think this one through. If anything is unclear, or if I think you’re lying…”

“Oh, no, ask away!” Beigong Ming proclaimed loudly. “I swear on my inner demons that I will tell you the truth and nothing but the truth....

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