Chapter 1098: The Terrified Heavensworn Four

Though Third Master Jing didn’t want to put his own life on the line for the Heavensworn Four, he couldn’t just sit idly by and watch them die in front of him either. For one, it would affect his future prospects when an explanation was demanded. The potential criticism had no material effect, but he nevertheless could not discount its intangible potency. It would’ve been better for him not to be here at all, but he couldn’t exactly change that now. He was compelled to take the chance that was available to save his indirect associates.

Smiling ruefully at Jiang Chen, he interjected apologetically. “Young master Shao… my good friend, my dearest brother. I know I’m as much of a bastard as they come, so I’m in no position to say anything, but I’d like to put in a word here anyway. The Heavensworn Four aren’t stunning examples of society, but they have powerful backers. It doesn’t matter much that you killed the other members of the Heavensfall Society, but if you kill these guys, it’ll be a declaration of war on the Moon God Sect. I’m not familiar with the beef you have with them, but I’d still like...

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