Chapter 1097: The Great Emperor’s Fury

Cong Taiyan was absolutely livid. All his life, he’d lived on his own terms and tyrannized whomever he wished. When had he ever been on the receiving end of such temper? How could he contain his rage when a kid still wet behind the ears mocked and challenged him, after slaughtering his Society members? It was something his Society did to others, but today, it was being done to them!

Human nature was despicable, and even more so for someone as base as Cong Taiyan. He regularly tyrannized and dominated others. When he killed others, he did so ruthlessly and didn’t care if his victim had any regrets or if they were innocent. That was also the case now. His mind was only filled with one intention. He wanted to murder all of the newcomers before him and shred them into pieces! He wasn’t going to let Third Master Jing off easy either. He couldn’t care less if the latter had the Moon God Sect behind him and was the vice head of the first division....

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