Chapter 1095: The Heavensworn Four

Jiang Chen had transformed into an avatar of death. He had only one thought written on his face. Die if you obstruct me! Thus, he faced little resistance from the members of the Heavensfall Society. Default reactions were to cower in a corner and hope not to be noticed, arms over their heads. One wrong move, and we’ll be dead!

However, the young lord of Veluriyam Capital wasn’t murderous or sociopathic enough to kill submissive people. He held back his anger and left them be. Jiang Chen searched the Society’s headquarters in and out, but discovered nothing useful. Immensely furious, he summoned several high-ranking executives. Alas, their stories were identical to Elder Ke’s.

The person they had captured long ago had been surrendered to the Moon God Sect almost immediately. It hadn’t been a move to curry social favor, but a routine act. The answer was the same no matter whom he asked. The fire that burned within Jiang Chen’s chest grew fiercer by the moment. 

“Brother Long, bind them all! When their lords come back… I’ll make them pay!” Though he didn’t want to...

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