Chapter 1093: News of His Parents?

Jiang Chen glared at Elder Ke coldly. “You have one, final chance.”

Over the course of several millenniums, Elder Ke had seen and experienced many things. He knew better than to challenge Jiang Chen’s threats. He was in dire straits and had to either obey or die.

“Friend, the taboo has something to do with one of the Moon God Sect’s secrets. Years ago, their holy girl was left behind in the secular world as a child after infighting within the sect. This matter was an enormous disgrace to the sect, which was why they banned all discussion of it. There are very few who know about it. After many years had gone by, an origin realm cultivator suddenly appeared out of nowhere and brought up the matter. Because of that…” Elder Ke began to stammer as he observed Jiang Chen’s facial expressions.

Jiang Chen’s heart pounded furiously. An enormous disgrace to the Moon God Sect? A holy girl left behind in the secular world? Why does this sound so familiar? When he’d been at the Prancing Pony, Niu Wuhua had informed him that the Moon God Sect had left behind a female infant in the secular world as well...

Was this mere coincidence, or had he found the person he was seeking on this trip? According to Niu Wuhua’s intelligence, the holy girl left behind in the secular world was likely his mother in his current life. He traveled all the way to Tilted Moon Region just to verify this.

Jiang Chen was overwhelmed by emotion as various thoughts ran through his mind. If the holy girl is my mother, then who is the origin realm cultivator looking for her? He was almost afraid to travel down that train of thought.

The answer was painfully obvious, but he couldn’t help but be apprehensive about it. The origin realm cultivator, Liu Zhen’s good friend, was very likely his father. It was a reasonable conjecture. However, he didn’t want it to be the truth. According to Elder Ke, his father had come to inquire about the holy girl many months ago.

A lot of time had passed since he’d been handed over to the Moon God Sect. The topic was such an enormous taboo that nobody was allowed to discuss or ask about it. Anybody who violated this rule would likely have to pay a great price. If that man really was his father, the Moon God Sect might’ve killed him already. Jiang Chen could no longer maintain his composure.

He flashed a bone-chilling glare at Elder Ke. “Old Man Ke, why did you hand him over to the Moon God Sect for merely asking a question? Is this how the Heavensfall Society treats 

its customers? Do you betray all of them at your own convenience?!”

Jiang Chen suddenly lost control of his temper as he exploded with rage.

Elder Ke was dumbfounded. He couldn’t understand Jiang Chen’s sudden and complete change in attitude. Why was Liu Zhen’s hired goon so emotionally attached to this matter? It almost sounded like the elder had murdered his father or something. Was there a need to go to such extremes? Origin realm cultivators were mere ants in the Upper Eight Regions.

“Friend… despite our strength, we’re still one of many factions in the Tilted Moon Region. In this region, the sect’s words are law.” Elder Ke smiled wryly. “Over and over again, they’ve ordered us to apprehend anybody who breaches the taboo and to hand violators over to the Moon God Sect.”

“And then?” Jiang Chen’s voice was colder than ice. He loomed with the pressure of a massive iceberg.

“A-and… t-then…” His aura had rendered Elder Ke speechless. The elder was stuttering endlessly and couldn’t seem to form any discernible words.

“Brother Long and Old Brother Mo, go ahead!” Jiang Chen could no longer control his emotions and immediately gave an order to Emperor Peerless and Long Xiaoxuan.

Long Xiaoxuan was elated when Jiang Chen gave the order and immediately launched himself at the emperor realm cultivators. Emperor Peerless realized that there was more to this situation when he saw Jiang Chen’s sudden outburst. He chuckled and landed in front of Elder Ke with a flash of his figure. Color immediately drained from the elder’s face. The latter wanted to put up a proper resistance, but the emperor had already placed a hand on his shoulder. It felt as though a mountain was bearing down on his shoulder. He couldn’t move no matter how much he struggled.

“Senior, mercy…” Despair flashed across his face. “I-if… if you kill me, the lords of our Society will never let the matter rest!”

Emperor Peerless burst into laughter. “I only wanted to subdue you while they dished out the punishment. But since you’ve threatened this emperor, I look forward to seeing how your leaders are going to punish me. Hehehehe.”

Elder Ke almost wet his pants. This emperor? H-he… he’s a great emperor?! He was petrified as all thought escaped his mind. Oh no, oh no! We offended a great emperor! What have we done?!” 

It was all he could think about before the emperor casually patted him on the back. The formless  palm strike connected with the force of a heavy mallet. Time ground to a standstill. Elder Ke instantly went limp and fell to the floor, dead. The palm strike had shattered both his body and soul. His eyes were wide open. Even upon death, he hadn’t realized how incredibly frightening the person he’d just offended was.

Elder Ke was at upper level emperor realm, but to Emperor Peerless, he was a child that had barely learnt how to walk. He didn’t even have the ability to run away, let alone threaten the emperor. The senior executives who witnessed the scene were aghast with horror. They instantly realize why Elder Ke hadn’t given them a helping hand just now. It wasn’t because he didn’t want to, but because he couldn’t! Even if he had a thousand galls, he wouldn’t dare act recklessly in front of an expert as powerful as his killer.

“Brothers, our enemies are strong! We’ll have to make break for it! Run to the Moon God Sect and seek help from the first division!”

“Yes! Let’s make a break for it and find the Society lords!” The emperor cultivators lost their will to fight after Elder Ke was killed with one strike. After all, the elder was several multitudes stronger than them. Why could they even do against an enemy that could kill a seventh level emperor with a single palm? They didn't even have the right to put up a show of Unfortunately, escaping wasn’t as easy as it sounded, especially when their enemies were speed freaks like Jiang Chen and Long Xiaoxuan. Long Xiaoxuan was exerting a lot of pressure on them to begin with, and now Jiang Chen didn’t show any mercy either. He didn’t reveal his commonly used martial methods, but he had no shortage of other methods.

These unspectacular initial level emperors weren’t putting up much of a challenge. After Elder Ke was dead, Emperor Peerless immediately barricaded the area with his great emperor domain. It was almost impossible for their opponents to escape.

Moreover, Madame Yun hadn’t even joined the fight yet. She may be ridden with illness, but she was still a ninth level emperor at the end of the day. Even the skinniest camel was larger than a horse. She was no longer at her peak, but initial level emperors still wouldn’t be able to escape her.

One by one, the senior executives were hunted down by Long Xiaoxuan and Jiang Chen. These were men that had committed every evil. Because of their vicious and violent natures, they didn’t beg for mercy even in the face of death. Instead, they kept fighting back fervently.

Unfortunately for them, this wasn’t a fair battle. No matter how much they struggled, their numbers continued to dwindle. The battle only came to an end when Long Xiaoxuan dealt with the final opponent. The entrance to the Heavensfall Society was now littered with corpses and dyed with blood.

Long Xiaoxuan looked at Jiang Chen with a laugh. “How about we hack our way in next?”

“Let’s.” Jiang Chen replied without hesitation.

Emperor Peerless made a sweeping gesture to ask Madame Yun to join him. The Heavensfall Society was nothing before the likes of him. If his blood thirst was piqued, he would charge in to even the Moon God Sect’s sacred grounds, let alone an underground faction like the Heavensfall Society.

“Ah Yun, my brother seems to be emotionally unstable right now. I’m afraid I won’t be able to calm him down. Why don’t you give it a try?”

Madame Yun was also extremely grateful to Jiang Chen. He was their benefactor who had saved their lives. She immediately approached him after noticing that he wasn’t himself. “Brother Zhen, did the Heavensfall Society offend you?” she asked tenderly.

Her gentle voice calmed him down like a bucket of cold water over his head.

“Sister-in-law, It’s a long story. There’s no time to explain. I have to go inside and have a look now,” he replied woefully.

Emperor Peerless nodded when he saw that Jiang Chen had regained his composure. “Go! Even if you wish to traverse a mountain of daggers and a sea of flames, old brother will come with you, let alone the Heavensfall Society!”

Long Xiaoxuan didn’t say anything, but his unwavering expression spoke a thousand words.

Liu Zhen however, was so disbelieving that he had trouble processing what was going on. He was someone who thought on his feet, but he was still utterly bewildered by the mountain of corpses at the entrance of the Society. Never in a thousand years did he think that things would end in a slaughter. Moreover, it was the Heavensfall Society that was slaughtered, and not them.

He’d only hired them to help him save his friend, but it seemed like they were more concerned about his friend’s safety than he was. He was incredibly grateful, but couldn’t help but feel a little surprised.

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