Chapter 1093: News of His Parents?

Jiang Chen glared at Elder Ke coldly. “You have one, final chance.”

Over the course of several millenniums, Elder Ke had seen and experienced many things. He knew better than to challenge Jiang Chen’s threats. He was in dire straits and had to either obey or die.

“Friend, the taboo has something to do with one of the Moon God Sect’s secrets. Years ago, their holy girl was left behind in the secular world as a child after infighting within the sect. This matter was an enormous disgrace to the sect, which was why they banned all discussion of it. There are very few who know about it. After many years had gone by, an origin realm cultivator suddenly appeared out of nowhere and brought up the matter. Because of that…” Elder Ke began to stammer as he observed Jiang Chen’s facial expressions.

Jiang Chen’s heart pounded furiously. An enormous disgrace to the Moon God Sect? A holy girl left behind in the secular world? Why does this sound so familiar? When he’d...

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