Chapter 1092: Not Surrendering? Beat Them Again!

Elder Ke was stuck between a rock and a hard place as the number of casualties kept climbing due to Long Xiaoxuan and Jiang Chen rampaging through his men. The initial level emperor realm experts felt that death was a heartbeat away due to Long Xiaoxuan’s pressure. 

Jiang Chen was a lot stronger than conventional initial level emperor realm, even though he hadn’t yet deployed his full strength. His enemies couldn’t afford to be careless for even an instant, because he had the absolute advantage in speed thanks to the Kunpeng Meteoric Escape. His tactics were very simple. Cooperation with the dragon was in order because this wasn’t the kind of limelight he wanted.

An emperor realm cultivator, whose weapon of choice was a long spear, suddenly roared and thrust his weapon towards Jiang Chen. “Die!”

The fellow was furious because he had been harassed by Jiang Chen since the beginning of the battle. They had to split their attention towards this shit stirrer because he kept ambushing them randomly. If they eliminated him first, they could focus all their attention on that ruthless youngster. Even if...

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