Chapter 1091: How to Taunt With Greater Skill

Roughly fifteen minutes had passed, but the runner who announced that he would go to the prisons and bring their prisoner back still hadn’t returned. Long Xiaoxuan was the first to grow impatient. “Hey Ke, I’m not as patient as my brother is. If you can’t bring our guy over in another seven and a half minutes, we’ll teach you a lesson.”

Still, Elder Ke maintained an inscrutable expression as he chuckled. “Relax, someone will show up eventually. That, I’m sure of.”

Long Xiaoxuan snorted, but ultimately decided to shut his mouth. However, his expression spoke volumes, he was hoping very much that the guy wouldn’t show up so that a fight could break out.

Fifteen minutes later, the guy who went to pick up the prisoner finally returned. They muttered a few code words beside Elder Ke’s ears. Jiang Chen heard them clearly, but couldn’t understand their meaning at all.

“Where is our guy?” Jiang Chen asked in a low tone.

Elder Ke laughed. “I’m sorry, but the guy you’re looking for is no longer in our custody. You better go ask the Moon God Sect if you...

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