Chapter 1090: 500 Million Ransom

Even a commoner would fly into a rage after being spoken to like that, let alone the most powerful gang in the city. Underground factions often conducted their businesses without any concern for the law. Compared to the legitimate factions, they were more likely to go to extreme lengths to achieve their goals.  Establishing a good public image was not one of their concerns. When it came to solving issues, almost anything was permitted. Legality wasn't an issue and neither was public perception. 

Long Xiaoxuan’s words caused a huge uproar within the Heavensfall Society. Armed fighters began to appear in droves. 

“Which bastard dares raise a huge fuss on our doorstep?!” The Society was incredibly offended after realized a kid that had barely just weaned had insulted them. They were the undisputed tyrants of Frostmoon City. Not many dared cause strife in front of them. However, that wasn’t the case today. This was the height of capital offense!

Long Xiaoxuan’s expression sank when he heard the word ‘bastard’....

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