Chapter 109: Killing One of the Spirit Realm

Chapter 109: Killing One of the Spirit Realm

Jiang Chen laid prostrated on the back of one of the Goldwing Swordbirds, and had refrained from using his true qi up until now. He was currently absorbing the medicinal effects of the Heavenly Karma Pill and Vast Ocean Pill in order to recover from his injuries and to recover the true qi within his body.

That situationally-reversing blow just now, had expended too much of his true qi, and had overloaded his meridians and body beyond their capacity.

Through the aid of these two pills, Jiang Chen’s injuries were finally mostly healed.

He knew that Yu Jie had continuously refrained from making a move, not because he didn’t want to, but because he was injured. The injuries within his body made him cautious in taking action, and made him hold back from using his full strength.

If it wasn’t for Xu Zhen crying out for help, Yu Jie would have likely continued stalling for time.

However, Jiang Chen wouldn’t let Yu Jie stall any longer.

He crouched on the back of the Goldwing Swordbird, both to absorb the effects of the pills, and to construct a strategy. He knew that even with the Eight Trigrams Assimilation Formation, the Swordbirds were deploying it as they learned it — and could only bring into play the merest bits of the formation.

If it wasn’t for the Goldwing Swordbird’s overwhelming...

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