Chapter 1089: Arriving At Heavensfall Society

Liu Zhen hesitated.

He had to admit he was slightly moved by the offer, despite the small fear that still lingered in his mind. It was an instinctual fear of those who were stronger than him and a fear of loss. However, his experience told him that these people were trustworthy characters. At the very least, they were much easier to interact with than the people of Heavensfall Society.

Emperor Peerless continued seriously when he saw that Liu Zhen was still a little apprehensive. “To be honest, you’re not powerful enough to haggle with anyone, but my brother is still willing to transact with you on equal footing. If you cannot recognize his good intentions even now, then I must say that you’re a little blind. If we really wanted to harm you, do you really think you could’ve arrived at Frostmoon City safe and sound? Do you really think my brother couldn’t rob you of your Radiant Celestial Grass anytime he wished to? Also, I don’t mean to be rude, but it’s entirely possible that you’ll be a corpse in the next second if we were to leave you right now.”

Emperor Peerless’ words were direct, but also the stone cold truth. If both parties shared the same level...

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