Chapter 1088: Inexhaustible Radiant Celestial Grass

Frostmoon City was a prosperous place and its urban sprawl enormous. Liu Zhen’s meeting place was discrete. It took quite a while for Jiang Chen and the group to find out where it was. On the outside, it looked like a small, run-down tavern. The district it was located in was one of the most chaotic in the city. It took great effort for the young man and the emperor to find where the tavern was located. Its dilapidated appearance prompted the latter to voice his concern. 

“Do we have the wrong place, little brother?”

Jiang Chen was a bit suspicious of the establishment as well. He scrutinized it closely before concluding with a half-hearted laugh, “I think it’s right. The address that Liu Zhen gave me matches perfectly.”

“Well, never mind then. Let’s take a look inside.” Emperor Peerless gave a big flourish with his hand. He was at ease regardless of where they were headed. He was in a great mood, the best he’d had in years. Ever since Ah Yun’s injury all those years ago, the emperor had brought her everywhere in search of doctors and treatment. From that point on, he’d devoted all of his thoughts to the treatment of his dao partner’s condition. It had been difficult to maintain any sort of cheer.

Jiang Chen’s appearance...

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