Chapter 1087: To the Satisfaction of All

"Young master Chen, how confident are you that this young cub is actually of the Astral White Tiger bloodline?” Long Xiaoxuan seemed to more concerned than Jiang Chen.

“I’m not completely certain, but the chances are high. However, its bloodline and heritage memories haven’t awakened yet because it’s still a young cub. It might look exactly like a Cloud Devouring Tiger, but it possesses a temperament that a dumb animal like the Cloud Devouring Tiger could never hope to imitate.”  

“Mm. This cub does indeed possess an unusual temperament.” Long Xiaoxuan said and suddenly channeled some dragon aura at the cub. The cub immediately switched into a vigilant and alert posture from its original relaxed state. It puffed up its whiskers and glared fiercely at Long Xiaoxuan. It was roaring for battle instead of backing down. 

“Little brat, do you or do you not submit before your dragon lord?” Long Xiaoxuan burst into an eccentric cackle. 

Jiang Chen knew that Long Xiaoxuan was being spiteful on purpose, but didn’t stop him. He wanted to see how the cub would respond to...

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