Chapter 1086: Brother Long Grows Increasingly Conceited

Third Master Jing of Frostmoon City had always been a ruthless person, even to himself. The moment he saw that the situation wasn’t right, he took quick steps towards Jiang Chen and apologized without hesitation. “Friend Shao, I apologize for offending you. Please forgive me for being blind to who you are.”

If Jiang Chen hadn’t had to consider the bigger picture, he wouldn’t have given a damn about Third Master Jing’s apology. Moreover, the third master was formidable because he could submit to circumstances if necessary. If one day he had the upper hand, he could turn against Jiang Chen just as easily. The best way to deal with people like him was to kill him and end all one’s troubles once and for all.

However, Jiang Chen had business in Frostmoon City, so it might not be wise to fall out completely with a local head gangster. In fact, this seemed like a good opportunity to check if he had any useful information. After all, Third Master Jing was the vice head of Moon God Sect’s first division, wasn’t he? And so Jiang Chen smiled. “Third Master Jing, there is a good saying that goes ‘no discord, no concord’. I’m sure that we will both be pleased if the discord between you and me can turn into a friendly relationship,...

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