Chapter 1085: From Arrogance to Humility

Jiang Chen knew that the excessive wealth he’d displayed earlier had attracted problems in the end. If a three-year-old child walked out in the open with a pile of gold, he would naturally draw unwanted attention. Sky rank spirit herbs were both priceless and rare. Even emperor realm cultivators felt their allure. A single such herb wasn’t something able to be purchased with stones alone. Decades could go by without sky rank spirit herbs appearing on the market, unless one was blind enough to put one up for sale without knowing it.

Jiang Chen had made an enormous mistake in showing possession of two sky rank spirit herbs. What was more, a swindler like Third Master Jing had marked him. Realizing what he was in for, the young man’s expression flared with contempt. “At the end of the day Jing Third, you’re trying to bleed the rest of my money out of me. If you were trying to openly rob me, I’d retain some respect for your bluntness and honesty. Making up such an awful excuse, though… I guess your family name is quite appropriate for your actions.”

The crowd was confused. What did Third Master Jing’s surname have to do with anything? Was there...

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