Chapter 1084: Things Have Gone Out Of Control

“Old Brother Mo, who are these men?” Jiang Chen asked with a glance out the window. He guessed that they likely had something to do with Third Master Jing.

“Look at their clothes. They should be from Moon God Sect’s first division.” Emperor Peerless seemed indifferent. He obviously didn’t hold these men in high regard.

“The first division? By the way, do you know of a man with the surname of Jing? He’s apparently the number one tyrant in this city.” 

“Jing? Third Master Jing?” The emperor nodded. “Yes, there’s someone like that here. He’s the vice head of the first division. The sect master of the division doesn’t really handle mundane affairs, so Third Master Jing actually holds the power in the division. He’s only at seventh level emperor realm, but his family holds a very high position in the sect. His cousin is apparently one of the strongest geniuses in the sect, and many of the elders in his family are also very powerful sect elders as well. This is the reason why Third Master Jing is able to throw...

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