Chapter 1083: Long Xiaoxuan Attacks

The innkeeper who witnessed this from the foot of a wall also shook incessantly. The group of thugs under Third Master Jing were arrogant and domineering enough already, but they never imagined that they would meet someone even fiercer than they. This young man looked so gentle and quiet, so why did his methods contrast so much with his appearance?

The innkeeper suddenly felt faint, as if the world had just fallen on his head. He knew he was ruined this time because Third Master Jing’s men were killed inside his inn. Even if he had nothing to do with it, Third Master Jing would levy blame for his loss and subject the innkeeper to his wrath all the same. The innkeeper’s legs weakened as strength departed his body. He could clearly sense the looming catastrophe. Murdering the third master’s men was like stabbing the heavens themselves. The man’s fury could cause the entire Frostmoon City to tremble, much less his tiny, insignificant inn.

He completely lost any intention of watching the fight unfold any further and half crawled away from the scene. He ran to the entrance of the inn and...

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