Chapter 1082: Third Master Jing’s Repeat Provocation

After creating the antidote, Jiang Chen decided to tackle Emperor Peerless’ poison first because all clothing had to be removed for treatment. This was so one could make sure the poison was fully expelled. The Seven Emotions Poison was extremely lethal. Even a small speck left in the body was capable of growing into another lethal dose in merely a few days. Removing all traces of it from the body was of utmost importance.

Since the emperor was a man, Jiang Chen didn’t feel the need to hold back. Considering the circumstances, he would’ve saved Madame Yun first, but his hands were tied because of the disrobing requirement. Thus, he decided to cleanse the emperor’s poison first. The emperor could expel Madame Yun’s poison after he was cured.

The process of expelling the poison was significantly harder than refining the antidote. Jiang Chen fed the emperor the pill first and used his inner energy to guide it into the emperor’s body. After that, he guided the liquid antidote through the emperor’s blood vessels and acupoints, and moved onto the skin and pores. He approached this step very meticulously.

His senses were much more sensitive than normal thanks to the God’s Eye and Psychic’s Head. Not many could compete with his observation skills either. A regular person would have to look very carefully to locate every single pore. However, Jiang Chen needed only sweep his consciousness across the body to get a clear glance. He repeated the process three more times before he finally expelled all of the poison from the emperor’s body. Now came the last step: expelling the poison barricading the emperor’s consciousness. This was also the most difficult step.

He had to guide the antidote through the emperor’s sea of consciousness, slowly exhuming each strand of poison encountered. Extreme care was needed in this step as any oversight would lead to a relapse, throwing all of his previous efforts down the drain. The extent of Jiang Chen’s concentration was on full display.

Before this, he only used an hour to expel the poison from the emperor’s body. But for the emperor’s consciousness, he had to spend at least two hours. The sky gradually darkened, and the land was enveloped in a curtain of darkness. Jiang Chen was deep in concentration. He couldn’t afford to lose focus for even a second. 

Suddenly, a few unwanted guests arrived at the inn they were staying at. These men wore uniform martial outfits, imparting an incredibly menacing air when they strode into the inn. The color immediately drained from the innkeeper’s face when he saw their outfits. He scrambled out from the counter to welcome them. “How may I help you…”

The innkeeper was incredibly polite, but these men didn’t respond in kind. A fierce-looking brute at the front of the group shoved the innkeeper away.

“Know your place!” The brute had the waist of a bear and the back of a tiger. His mountain-like figure nearly caused the innkeeper to wet his pants.

“Great c-cultivators, m-my inn…” The innkeeper was stuttering so much that he couldn’t even form proper words.

“Old man, is there a young man staying in your inn?” the fierce brute asked threateningly.

The innkeeper hastily answered. “W-which young man? There are a few young men staying at our inn right now. Whom is it you speak of?”

“Too much jabbering!” The fierce brute sent him flying with a large slap across the face. “Search the premises! Leave no room untouched!”

“We must find that whimpering brat! How dare he fool our master with his fake sky rank spirit herbs! That’s a death sentence!!”

The innkeeper vomited blood after being tossed a few dozen feet away. He didn’t dare to say anything else out of fear for his life. He could guess that they were Third Master Jing’s men after seeing their robes and hearing their words.

Third Master Jing was the biggest tyrant in Frostmoon City. Even the city lord had to show him face. He could do anything he wished in the city. Others ten times more powerful than the innkeeper would tremble before him, much less anyone in this small inn. The pageboys and assistants were dumbfounded when the innkeeper was sent flying. No one dared put up any form of resistance after this show of force.

Bam bam bam!

Like a pack of hungry wolves, the rest of the brutes kicked down doors one by one, turning the inn upside down. This angered the guests greatly, but any form of resistance was met with a swift slap to the face. The meeker guests sized up the situation and cooperated in their search, with the luckier ones were spared from a stinging slap.

All hell broke loose in the inn. There was loud yelling, women screaming, and sounds of fighting happening all at the same time. Some panicked so much that they even ran out of their rooms without their pants on.

The innkeeper was aghast when he saw this. He knew that business was done for. Nobody would ever want stay at his inn anymore after such a huge commotion. Even then, he still didn’t dare to speak a word against it. He could only accept it as fate.

“Innkeeper, since these people are Third Master Jing’s men, could they be looking for the guest in the sky suite? The young man who’s staying for a month,” a helper asked carefully.

The innkeeper immediately realized something and ran up front. “Great sir! I finally remember! Are you looking for a young man who has a few injured partners with him?” 

The fierce brute grinned sinisterly. “Old man, why didn’t you say that earlier? Do you want us to flatten your inn?”

“N-no! I simply never thought it was him you were searching for! Great sir, I’m willing to lead the way if you wish to see him. Please, just stop harassing the other guests! Running an inn isn’t easy…” The innkeeper shoved a storage ring into the fierce brute’s hands as he was complaining. There was a million saint spirit stones inside.

The fierce brute was rather pleased by the innkeeper’s small token. He snorted and made a sweeping gesture. “Brothers, I’ve found the brat. Let’s get back to business.” He looked at the innkeeper. “Lead the way.”

The innkeeper was on the verge of tears. He knew this was wrong and immoral, but what else was he supposed to do? His inn would be in tatters if these men went any further! He had no choice but to sacrifice the young man. 

The sky suite was located in a remote place. The innkeeper led them to the suites and pointed at a remote corner.

“Great sirs, that young man has booked a few of those rooms for a month. He should be inside one of them. Please, spare my inn some thought…” 

“Piss off.” The fierce brute knew that the innkeeper would never dare lie to him. He marched towards the corner rooms confidently with his men. 

The innkeeper mouth was quivering as he peeked from a wall corner.

“Halt.” The group brimming with violent intent stopped dead in their tracks.

A skinny, proud, and aloof young man stood in their way. He was staring at them coldly far down the hallway.

“Boss, it’s not him!”

“Did the innkeeper lie to us?”

The fierce brute waved at them dismissively and stepped forward. “Young man, are you alone or do you have others staying with you? Have them come out!” 

These fierce brutes might seem as fierce as a tiger, but they were mostly just spineless cowards. They were showing the young man some respect because his face was filled with killing intent and didn’t seem like a pushover.

The youth glanced at them contemptuously. “Are you talking to me?”

“Young man, do you know who you’re talking to right now?”

“Who?” The young man snorted derisively. “Is it a problem if I don’t know who you are?”

The fierce brute could no longer contain his rage. He’d been on a warpath ever since arriving at inn. And despite his somewhat gentle tone now, this young lad was replying with such impudence!

“Brat, you’re the only person in Frostmoon City who dares speak to Third Master Jing’s men in this way!” The fierce brute motioned a command. “You two, cripple him!” 

Two cultivators behind the brute charged towards the young man with full force. They were clearly not holding back. The hallway suddenly brimmed with killing intent.

The innkeeper was dumbfounded when he saw this. Who was this proud, young man? He had no recollection of the boy. Regardless, he was certain that this weak looking young man would be heavily injured after being attacked by those two men at full force. In fact, he might even die on the spot. However, something unexpected caught him by surprise in the next moment.

Those two men were extremely quick, but the young man suddenly made his move just before they were about to make contact. It almost seemed like he had some kind of demonic powers. The two brutes couldn’t even put up any sort of resistance as they were drawn in by his hands.

Splat! Blood splashed the hallway liberally after the sounds rang out.

The youth had sawed through their bodies with his hands like a hot knife through butter! He followed that up with pulling out their beating hearts and lungs with his bare hands.

The crowd stood there with their mouths agape.

“Hmph! Truly the heart of a wolf and the lung of a hound.” That youth expressed his disgust before throwing the organs at the fierce brute. “You can have them back.”

Shivers travelled down the brute’s back after watching that scene. He was trembling and shaking like a leaf. The thought that his two brothers would be killed by the youth before they could even fight back never even crossed his mind. After all, they were both ninth level sage realm! This young man was a teenager! How could a person as young as him be so powerful? The vicious bullies immediately realized that they’d barked up the wrong tree. Their killing intent vanished almost instantaneously. 

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