Chapter 1081: Dragon and Tiger Brothers

Third Master Jing stared at Jiang Chen for a long while before snickering suddenly. “If I remember correctly, you were the one trying to buy up sky rank spirit herbs in the shops around town earlier, were you not?”

“If I could buy what I wanted with spirit stones, what would I be doing here?” Jiang Chen said coolly.

Third Master Jing chuckled. “Well, you certainly look pathetic. Here, I’ll take a step back: two sky rank spirit herbs, two earth rank spirit herbs, and two hundred million saint spirit stones. I think that’s a more than fair price, and it’s my last call. Any more haggling, and I’ll make sure that you never find the Smiling Bodhi you’re looking for in this city.”

The last statement was accompanied with an uncommon flare of banditry. Both conclusion and man seemed unquestionable and unchallengeable.

All the onlookers had their eyes on Jiang Chen. Clearly, the young man was in a lot of trouble after having been marked by Jing Third. He was about to be forced into the transaction, whether he wanted to or not. Few escaped from this particular lowlife’s clutches.

Jiang Chen knew that this was highway robbery,...

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