Chapter 1080: The Overweening Third Master Jing

“Have you heard? Someone is trying to trade two sky rank spirit herbs for one Smiling Bodhi at Three River Street!”

“You must be joking! why is it be worth so much all of a sudden?”

“I know, right? Brother, do you have any? If you do, we’d better sell it to him now! This opportunity isn’t going to come around ever again!”

“Aii… the Smiling Bodhi might be a quasi-sky rank herb, but that doesn’t take away the fact that it possesses sky rank qualities. I don’t even have an earth rank herb, let alone a sky rank one!”

“Anyways, anyone who has a Smiling Bodhi is going to get rich! Getting two sky rank herbs for one? It’s a gift from the heavens!” 

“Hehe. I suspect that the eminent figures who own a Smiling Bodhi will not be so willing to trade.”

“Huh? Why do you say so?”

“Are you really that clueless? There’s a reason why that man wants to trade two sky rank herbs for one Smiling Bodhi. First of all, do you know what it’s used for?

“It’s for curing poisons, right?”

“Hehe, if he’s in such urgent need for it, he’s probably...

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