Chapter 1079: I Must Save Emperor Peerless

Jiang Chen didn’t know whether to hate her, scorn her or be impressed by her. Her love was truly selfish because she tried to push Emperor Peerless and herself into the grave without obtaining his permission. This could only be explained as an expression of jealousy and selfishness. However, she didn’t bear any resentment towards her love rival despite loving Emperor Peerless to the point of madness. The fact that she put her heart and soul into taking care of Madame Yun was proof that her nature was good and that she valued her sisterly relationship with Madame Yun. She didn’t say a single bad word about Madame Yun at all, and the only fault she admitted to was knowing Brother Mo too late.

A different woman would’ve hated her love rival and felt that Madame Yun had robbed her of her love, but not only did the thought never cross Miss Qing’s mind, she even tried to keep Jiang Chen, an innocent person, out of her scheme. This proved that she was a good-natured woman and not someone with the heart of a snake. A bit of understanding dawned upon Jiang Chen at this point.

Why had Miss Qing tried to convince him to leave and not treat Madame Yun’s injuries? It was because Brother Mo would leave with his wife the moment...

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