Chapter 1078: An Unexpected Development, A Toxic Dose Of Love

Jiang Chen gently placed Madame Yun’s hand back down after an hour had passed. Her long struggle with her illness had caused the skin on her palms to shrivel and lack luster. 

“Little brother, how is it?” Emperor Peerless immediately asked after Jiang Chen was done taking her pulse. The expressions on his face was not that of a great emperor, but of a young and overly anxious brat. 

“Old brother, It’s… a little complicated. It’s going to take some time to cure her. I’d recommend letting your wife take the pill first so that she can regain some lifespan and invigorate her blood and limbs. I’m confident in my ability to cure her after she regains some energy. However… we will have to return to Veluriyam Capital.”

The emperor was elated. “No problem! I’m willing to climb a mountain of swords and plunge into a sea of flames as long as you can cure her! Moreover, I’ve always wanted to go to the Capital! Haha! This is truly pleasant news!” 

“Ah Yun! Did you hear what he just said? I told you my brother is a capable man! He’s likely the only person...

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