Chapter 1077: Frostmoon City

Two days later, the trio officially arrived at Frostmoon City. As agreed, the short man fulfilled his promise and gave Jiang Chen a shoot of Radiant Celestial Grass. After that, both parties made a promise to meet each other at a certain location three days later. They would then discuss Liu Zhen’s next request in detail.

Frostmoon City was one of the major cities in the northwest region of the Upper Eight Regions. Although it was inferior to Pillfire City, it was still a place of great value. It represented both the center and the glory of Tilted Moon Region. However, Jiang Chen wasn’t in the mood to enjoy its unique local culture despite being in the thick of it. He couldn’t help but feel incredibly depressed every time he thought of his father, Jiang Feng.

“Is there something on your mind, brother?” Emperor Peerless’ eyes were very keen.

Jiang Chen didn’t deny it. “There is, brother, one that relates to the safety of my loved ones. I feel wracked with worry every time I think about it.”

Emperor Peerless knew his feelings very...

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