Chapter 1077: Frostmoon City

Two days later, the trio officially arrived at Frostmoon City. As agreed, the short man fulfilled his promise and gave Jiang Chen a shoot of Radiant Celestial Grass. After that, both parties made a promise to meet each other at a certain location three days later. They would then discuss Liu Zhen’s next request in detail.

Frostmoon City was one of the major cities in the northwest region of the Upper Eight Regions. Although it was inferior to Pillfire City, it was still a place of great value. It represented both the center and the glory of Tilted Moon Region. However, Jiang Chen wasn’t in the mood to enjoy its unique local culture despite being in the thick of it. He couldn’t help but feel incredibly depressed every time he thought of his father, Jiang Feng.

“Is there something on your mind, brother?” Emperor Peerless’ eyes were very keen.

Jiang Chen didn’t deny it. “There is, brother, one that relates to the safety of my loved ones. I feel wracked with worry every time I think about it.”

Emperor Peerless knew his feelings very well. “We cultivators normally do not fear anything, but the same cannot be said about our loved ones. They are our softest spot and greatest weakness. Do you know why I haven’t brought my partner with me to Pillfire City? It’s because I was afraid that someone would use her against me.”

Jiang Chen felt the same way. It wasn’t the first time his friends and family had been used against him in this lifetime, and each time it happened, he learned how best to prevent it from happening again. Now that he thought about it, he’d been a burden to his other father in his previous life. Perhaps a lot of his enemies had used him against his father as well.

Jiang Chen was saddened and depressed. What if his enemies used his current father against him too? He wouldn’t be able to do anything no matter how what powers he possessed. After all, the word “father” was too heavy for him. It was a psychological barrier he could never overcome.

“You shouldn’t think so much. You are young, so stop shouldering so many responsibilities and learn a little from the youngsters of Tilted Moon Region. You may not notice, but love is everywhere in this place. For starters, the young girls here are especially carefree, vivacious, sexy and open, so I sincerely advise you to seize the opportunity and…” Emperor Peerless said with a chuckle.

Jiang Chen was speechless. “Brother, if your wife hears about this…”

“Haha, I’m absolutely loyal to my wife. Also, this is something you youngsters should do, not old people like us.”

Admittedly, the girls of Frostmoon City were different from others. Maybe because of the weather, but here they were dressed relatively lightly compared to other places. The shyness and restrained bearing that were normally present in girls of other regions were also absent here. Young girls could be seen singing and dancing everywhere. Their eyes and even bellies seemed like they could speak. Every look and movement was ever so tantalizing and seductive.

“Let us make haste, brother. Bring me to your wife now.” Jiang Chen’s original goal was to inquire about his mother, but since Emperor Peerless was with him, he might as well visit the emperor’s partner first.

“Alright, come with me.” Emperor Peerless turned serious the moment his partner was mentioned. Although he was a wandering cultivator, he had friends all across the world. He led Jiang Chen to a relatively secluded place not long after they arrived at Frostmoon City. It was his friend’s domain, and it was also here where he arranged for his wife to stay. A place Emperor Peerless could leave his wife behind was definitely a trustworthy place.

“You’re back, Brother Mo?” Surprisingly, the person he welcomed them was a woman; an extremely beautiful woman. Her voice was as gentle and graceful as she looked.

“Sister Qing, how is Ah Yun?” Emperor Peerless asked anxiously the second he saw her.

“Sister Yun’s condition is the same as before. Brother Mo, if I may ask…?” The woman’s residence was more elegant than others. Although they were at the city center, it almost felt like the woman was living alone in seclusion.

“He can be trusted.” Emperor Peerless introduced the woman to Jiang Chen. “She used to be sect mates with my wife, and is a friend of mine.”

Jiang Chen was caught off guard. Was this the friend Brother Mo had mentioned earlier? He thought his friend would be someone like the Geng brothers, but the possibility that it was a woman who was also his wife’s sect mate never even crossed his mind.

“Hello, Miss Qing.” Jiang Chen addressed the woman more politely hearing Brother Mo address her.

The woman’s bright eyes moved once before she nodded. “Hello.”

Her tone wasn’t warm, but it wasn’t unapproachable either.

“Let us speak inside.” Emperor Peerless obviously thought of this place as his own home because he walked right in without the pretense of a guest.

A hint of disappointment fleeted across Miss Qing’s fair face. After letting out a quiet sigh, she followed behind him in small, quick steps.

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but feel that the reaction was strange. Why had she let out a soft sigh? He couldn’t tell if she was sighing for Emperor Peerless and Madame Yun’s fate, or her own. For some reason, he felt that there was a complicated story behind her quiet sigh. When he entered the courtyard, he discovered that it was like a completely different world. All sorts of plants were present and the arrangements gave off an otherworldly and serene feeling.

“Miss Qing’s temperament matches this courtyard well.” Jiang Chen was quite impressed with the arrangements. There weren’t many plants in this courtyard, but somehow they exuded grace and elegance. The house was behind the courtyard. Emperor Peerless was obviously very familiar with the place. He was so anxious that he even forgot Jiang Chen was following behind him.

Jiang Chen understood that Emperor Peerless missed his wife a lot, so instead of hurrying, he wisely slowed his footsteps and enjoyed the scenery for a while. Again, he found that both the courtyard’s interior and external arrangements were very exquisite and serene.

Miss Qing walked over with small, quick steps. “How should I call you, sir?”

“Hehe, my surname is Shao.” Jiang Chen didn’t give her his real name.

“Sir Shao.” Miss Qing dipped in a small curtsey before asking again in a low tone. “Can you really treat Sister Yun’s injuries?”

Jiang Chen smiled. “I’ll give it a try. I can’t go back without trying after Brother Mo had brought me all the way here, can I?”

Miss Qing let out a quiet sigh. “But what if you fail? Brother Mo has a hot temper. You’re so young. Aren’t you afraid that he’ll kill you in one palm strike?”

Jiang Chen was confused. Miss Qing looked like a gentle and quiet person, but her words were a little incoherent. Suppose he did fail to treat Madame Yun’s sickness. Was that really cause for Emperor Peerless to kill him?

“Then I shall do my best to treat her. I hope my skills are sufficient, considering how much he loves her.”

“I’m advising you out of good will.” Miss Qing frowned slightly. 

Jiang Chen smiled. “Thank you for your concern, Miss Qing, but no matter what the outcome may be, I cannot leave without doing my best. I am friends with Brother Mo after all.”

“Oh, I see,” Miss Qing said remotely. “I wish you good luck then.”

Jiang Chen was very puzzled by Miss Qing’s actions. For some reason, the tone she used gave him an indescribable feeling. It was obvious that Miss Qing shared a great relationship with Brother Mo and his wife. Miss Qing must mean a lot to Brother Mo considering that he trusted her enough to leave his wife in his care. But it sounded that Miss Qing didn’t want him to check out Madame Yun’s condition? Was she really worried that Brother Mo would hurt him? But if that was the case, wasn’t her fear a little groundless?

Jiang Chen didn’t think much into it despite mulling over it for a moment.

Emperor Peerless stayed inside for a long while before he finally came out. “Come in, brother. What are you waiting for outside? My wife wants to know what kind of young genius I’ve met after hearing about you.”

Again, Miss Qing shot Jiang Chen a cool glance. It was indescribably strange. Jiang Chen didn’t pay heed to it and entered the house.

A somewhat haggard-looking woman was lying in Emperor Peerless’ lap. She looked a little pale, but was dressed in clean clothing. He could see from her countenance and temperament that she was a peerless beauty in the past. However, sickness and age had robbed much of her health and good looks.

“Ah Yun, this is the good brother I mentioned.” Emperor Peerless beckoned Jiang Chen over. “Come quickly, brother. This is my wife.”

“Well met, Madame Yun.” Jiang Chen walked forwards.

Ah Yun smiled slightly. “Good, good. When I look at you, I cannot help but recall young Peerless’ great vigor back then. You know, that was how he won my heart.”

Emperor Peerless laughed loudly. “You hear that brother? You still have a lot to learn from me. Hahaha, back then countless people tried to court Ah Yun, but I was the one who won in the end!”

Ah Yun smiled again and patted Emperor Peerless’ palms. “You shameless fellow! Why are you teaching him your bad habits instead of the good ones?”

Emperor Peerless laughed. “But I am! I’m teaching him how to attract girls and make a partner. How is that a bad thing? This is of lifelong importance!”

“And how do you know he doesn’t have a partner already?” Ah Yun asked impatiently.

“Ah? Brother, do you have a partner already?” Emperor Peerless was caught off guard.

Jiang Chen nodded.

“Ah? You actually have a dao partner? Then it’s my mistake. And here I thought you’re an unromantic person who doesn’t get the beauty of Frostmoon City’s girls. As I thought, your taste is just as good as mine. We both only enjoy the best!” Emperor Peerless exclaimed in a very loud voice.

Outside the door, Miss Qing was just about to walk closer when she heard this. A downcast expression colored her fair countenance once more.

“Don’t worry, Ah Yun. The brother I invited over this time will definitely be able to treat your injuries. It won’t be long before you get healthy again, and we’ll be able to travel the world with me and get back all the happiness that we missed out on for all these years.” Emperor Peerless spoke lovingly like a young man who had just fallen in love.

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