Chapter 1076: A Competition of Speed

Emperor Peerless suddenly spoke. “Come, let’s leave the city and collect ourselves.”

Scanning the surroundings, he found numerous pairs of eyes looking in this direction. The emperor knew that their owners didn’t have him or Jiang Chen as their target. They were after the short man. Those onlookers might not act within Pillfire City itself, but they were after the short man like snakes drawn to their prey. They laid in ambush, waiting for the right moment to strike.

Jiang Chen noticed the odd tone in the emperor’s voice. His own sweeping glance notified him of the same. “Looks like you came to us with a bunch of people hot on your heels,” he smiled a little.

The short man blanched at this, realizing too late that he had an unwelcome entourage.

“Don’t worry, Old Brother Mo is the strongest deterrent you could ask for. Even if they were ten times as brave as they actually are, they wouldn’t dare do anything.” Jiang Chen wasn’t worried.

The spirit herb was valuable, but not enough to risk a great emperor’s ire. As expected, all the...

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