Chapter 1074: The Suspected Cloud Devouring Tiger

When the Geng brothers verified that Mo Wushuang’s dao partner’s condition would improved, they were overjoyed. Words of congratulations were offered to the emperor immediately.

“Big Brother Mo, congratulations! You’ve remained by sister-in-law for so long. After all these years, the heavens have heard your plea at last. Your love for her came through in the end!“

“That’s right, Big Brother Mo. Thank heavens that your partner will recover.”

The brothers had had an unshakeable friendship with Mo Wushuang. They both bowed respectfully to Jiang Chen. “Young lord Zhen, we two brothers haven’t acknowledged anyone our entire lives except our Brother Mo. You’ve taken a great burden off his heart, and that is a favor we cannot repay. We will remember it well.”

Their bold statement was enough for Jiang Chen to see the steel in the trio’s relationship. “What, you’re allowed to talk about loyalty and brotherhood amongst yourselves, but I’m not included?” He laughed.

The Geng brothers were both honorable men, and were straightforward and candid. They wouldn’t be as content as...

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