Chapter 1073: The Geng Brothers

Emperor Peerless sighed. “To think that I’d meet you all the way here in Pillfire City. Perhaps this is what they call fate?”

Jiang Chen was also dumbstruck by the sheer coincidence. He didn’t expect to hear that the emperor had planned on visiting him next and placed very high hopes on him.

“Old Brother Mo, since fate deems it, I’ll definitely cure sister-in-law of her affliction!” Jiang Chen casually addressed Emperor Peerless as his brother during the hotblooded conversation. 

“Good lad! I really like this fearless attitude of yours!” The emperor praised. “Do you know why I had my eye on you in the first place?”

“Why?” Jiang Chen was curious.

“Because I’ve long suspected that you were Jiang Chen, the man whom the Eternal Celestial Capital are after.” The emperor revealed a wisdom filled smile.

“Huh?” Jiang Chen was flabbergasted.

“The Longevity Pill first appeared in the Regal Pill Palace, yet somehow, the Sacred Peafowl Mountain managed to get their hands on it in the end. After that, you even defeated Pill King Ji Lang and claimed ownership of the pill. I wasn’t completely certain that you were Jiang Chen, but I did have some suspicions. Since you were able to create a pill that extends the life of a sage realm cultivator, I began to wonder, maybe you have the ability to create a pill that extends the life of an emperor cultivator too?”

A person nearing desperation was often very imaginative. They’d come up with all kinds of what-ifs and how-abouts. Moreover, their speculations were often incredibly accurate. This was especially true for great emperors as they were often very meticulous with their speculation.  Emperor Peerless was no exception to this. His powerful instincts and noting of various details led him to this conjecture.

Jiang Chen sighed. “Older brother, your instincts truly scare me. It’s fortunate that I chose to make the right choice. Had I deceived you any longer, you might flip on me one day.”

“You little brat, that’ll never happen unless you deceived me on core matters. Moreover, with the feud between you and Pillfire City, I would’ve completely understand if you chose not to disclose your identity. Of course, I’m still thankful for your honesty. You’ve gained even more respect from me over it.” 

The emperor was actually quite happy with this development as a lot of courage was needed for Jiang Chen to tell the truth. Revealing his identity under such conditions could’ve been the worst decision in his life. And yet, the lad was still willing to do so. This pleased him greatly.

“Sigh… Brother Mo, there’s something even more important that I need to tell you.” Jiang Chen smiled wryly.

“What?” The emperor was already used to Jiang Chen’s antics, but he still couldn’t help but be surprised again and again.

“I actually already have the Pinecrane Pill.”

“Wha-?” The emperor’s eyes widened into the shape of a bell. “Y-you already have it?”

Jiang Chen nodded. “I refined it some time ago in Veluriyam Capital. I didn’t tell you because of the circumstances. I apologize for making you worry during these past few days.”

He took the pill out from his sleeves. “Brother Mo, this Pinecrane Pill is of outstanding quality. It will surely extend sister-in-law’s lifespan by a millennia after taking it.”

The emperor’s mouth began to tremble slightly. His eyes gleamed with utter disbelief as he stared at the pill.

“Take it.” Jiang Chen shoved the pill into the emperor’s palms.

“Little brother, I…” Even someone as imposing as the emperor was finding it difficult to form words. Happiness had come too abruptly. Even though he was hopeful, he couldn’t help but take a cautionary stance on this matter. How could he remain calm after the thing he’d been seeking all these years was suddenly shoved into his palm? He could sense the powerful life force within the pill. The power emanating from the pill alone was enough to make his eyes widen. 

“An excellent pill! Such an excellent pill!” He was absolutely thrilled. 

“The Pinecrane Pill is only a sky rank pill in name. It has a few qualities that is already beyond that of the sky rank.” Jiang Chen smiled. “Brother Mo, you’d better seal the jade box lest the pill loses its potency.

Like a child, the emperor frantically sealed the box. He was completely overwhelmed with happiness. Even a great emperor as imposing as him was giggling like a child and could hardly contain his joy. He was only able to regain his composure after some time had passed. “Little brother, a favor as big as this deserves more than words of gratitude. I, Mo Wushuang, owe you a favor in return. I’m willing to repay this favor in any way you please.”

“Brother Mo, there’s no need for such ceremonious words. I only wish to see sister-in-law as soon as possible so that I may know if there’s anything else I can do for her. The Pinecrane Pill may extend one’s life, but it only cures the symptoms and not the disease. I only hope to nurse her back to health so that you may remain as dao partners for eternity.”

Jiang Chen’s words struck Emperor Peerless square in the heart, filling it with light and hope. The emperor was certain that Jiang Chen was the benefactor that he’d been searching for all along.

Elder Yun Nie and Mu Gaoqi were equally as elated and surprised to see someone as eminent as Emperor Peerless break into tears before Jiang Chen. They didn’t think Jiang Chen would grow so powerful after a mere eight years. He’d actually become brothers with a great emperor and done him a great favor! Also, there was something about Jiang Chen being the young lord of Sacred Peafowl Mountain?

The two were almost blinded by the limelight Jiang Chen was under. They began to worry a little. With such a big discrepancy between them, could they remain as close as before? Would he still put effort into rebuilding the Regal Pill Palace now that he was young lord of Sacred Peafowl Mountain?

They were excited, yet also worried. They know Jiang Chen wasn’t the kind to forget his roots, but upon further thought, they realized that the Regal Pill Palace hadn’t actually done much for him. Instead, all they’d done was receive. Their discussion about the Longevity Pill also caused Elder Yun Nie to recall that he’d been the one who leaked the pill’s secrets. There wouldn’t have been a battle for the ownership of the pill if it weren’t for him.

He felt incredibly ashamed. Back then, he revealed the recipe not because he wanted to save his own neck, but because he wanted to protect the sect’s future generations. Regardless, it’d been him all the same. He didn’t feel any less guilty just because Jiang Chen chose not to bring it up. 

“Jiang Chen, I was the one who leaked the recipe for the Longevity Pill. That caused you a great deal of trouble, didn’t it?” 

Jiang Chen waved his hands dismissively and refused to dwell on the matter. “Elder Yun Nie, let bygones be bygones. I’m certain that you’d never sell us out just to protect your own neck. It was a wise choice to reveal the pill’s recipe out of consideration for the lives of our sect members.”

Elder Yun Nie no longer dared to address Jiang Chen as sage nephew as the latter was now brothers with the emperor! It’d be exceedingly disrespectful to the emperor if he did as such.  He’d never do such a reckless thing even if he was emboldened after eating a bear’s heart and a leopard’s gall. 

“Gaoqi, Elder Yun Nie, I have to make a trip to the Tilted Moon Region to fulfill a promise I made to Brother Mo. I regret to say that you’ll have to return to Veluriyam Capital by yourselves.” 

“Brother Chen, I want to go with you.” Mu Gaoqi volunteered to come with. 

“Gaoqi, this trip is no small matter. The more we bring, the more dangerous it’ll be.” Jiang Chen was actually in a dilemma. If he didn’t take them along, he was worried that they might encounter some trouble on the way back to Veluriyam Capital. The journey was simply too long. Even though they were all sage realm experts, their cultivation level didn’t guarantee their safety in the Upper Eight Regions.

“I have a disciple named Lin Yanyu. He’s from one of the downtrodden clans in Pillfire City. I’ll tell him to make the appropriate arrangements. Fortunately, neither the Eternal Celestial Capital nor the Great Scarlet Region know that you were attained by the Star Harvesters. Trouble shouldn’t come looking for you as long as you put on a proper disguise.” 

Emperor Peerless disrupted their conversation with his laughter. “Good lad! It’s nice to see such loyalty from you! Very well, I shall lend a hand in this matter as I’m also quite fond of little Gaoqi’s innate wood constitution of high order. Why don’t I call upon my friends and get them to escort your friends to their destination?” 

The emperor had a wide circle of connections. He didn’t have his own faction, but he did have many loyal and dependable brothers. A great emperor’s friends was naturally capable of holding their own in the world.

“Brother Mo…”

“Alright, that’s settled then. This is nothing compared to what you’ve done for me. It’s only right that you let me return a small favor.” Emperor Peerless sounded quite adamant.

Jiang Chen smiled. “Then I shall have to thank you on their behalf. Elder Yun Nie, Gaoqi, since Brother Mo is so generous, we have no choice but to thicken our faces a little and accept his offer. I shall tell Lin Yanyu to go along you. He will guide you when you arrive in Veluriyam Capital.”

Lin Yanyu was already enlisted in both the young lord’s abode and Taiyuan Tower. There shouldn’t be any problems. 

Emperor Peerless was a man of his word. He rallied his friends on the second day, and by third day evening, two men came to visit. They were both high level emperors. One was a ninth level emperor, while the other was an eighth level emperor.

“Brother Mo, how unbrotherly of you. How could not visit us when you’re in the vicinity?” The ninth level emperor was incredibly straightforward. It was the first thing he said when they saw each other.  

Emperor Peerless responded with a hearty laugh. “Come, let’s get all of you acquainted. These two are my brothers. They share the surname of Geng because they are brothers of the same womb. They are renowned throughout the Upper Eight Regions. The eldest is Geng Qianzhang, while the youngest is Geng Qianchi.

“Qianzhang, Qianchi, both of you surely must have heard about this young man over here. He’s the young lord Zhen of Sacred Peafowl Mountain in Veluriyam Capital.”

“Young lord Zhen?” Geng Qianzhang was stared at Jiang Chen astonishingly. “Brother Mo, I heard that you were planning to visit Veluriyam Capital, but I didn’t realize you’d gone so quickly.”

Mo Wushuang burst into laughter. “No, no, you are mistaken. We only met by coincidence. Haha! Truth be told, I’ve actually found a glimmer of hope for your sister-in-law.” 

“Oh? Does young lord Zhen have a cure?” The Geng brothers were elated when they heard this.

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