Chapter 1073: The Geng Brothers

Emperor Peerless sighed. “To think that I’d meet you all the way here in Pillfire City. Perhaps this is what they call fate?”

Jiang Chen was also dumbstruck by the sheer coincidence. He didn’t expect to hear that the emperor had planned on visiting him next and placed very high hopes on him.

“Old Brother Mo, since fate deems it, I’ll definitely cure sister-in-law of her affliction!” Jiang Chen casually addressed Emperor Peerless as his brother during the hotblooded conversation. 

“Good lad! I really like this fearless attitude of yours!” The emperor praised. “Do you know why I had my eye on you in the first place?”

“Why?” Jiang Chen was curious.

“Because I’ve long suspected that you were Jiang Chen, the man whom the Eternal Celestial Capital are after.” The emperor revealed a wisdom filled smile.

“Huh?” Jiang Chen was flabbergasted.

“The Longevity Pill first appeared in the Regal Pill Palace, yet somehow, the Sacred Peafowl Mountain managed to get their hands on it in the end. After that, you even defeated Pill King Ji Lang and claimed ownership of the pill. I wasn’t completely certain...

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