Chapter 1072: Old Brother Mo, My Apologies

After hearing the entire story from Jiang Chen, Elder Yun Nie became very wistful. He was an old hand, wise in the ways of the world, and perceived many details that Jiang Chen had refrained from divulging. Listening to the youth’s experiences didn’t seem particularly exciting now, but the trip from Myriad Domain all the way here to Pillfire City must’ve been an arduous one. Countless trials had lined the path, and only a steadfast and stoic youth like Jiang Chen could have remained so dogged after enduring them all. 

Anyone else from Regal Pill Palace would have given up by now, their top geniuses included. Shen Qinghong was a good example. All those years ago, Palace Head Dan Chi had made an amazingly correct choice. Elder Yun Nie was exceedingly grateful for this. If the palace head hadn’t brought this young man to the Palace, absolutely no hope of rebuilding would have remained. It was Jiang Chen who had protected the sect’s last embers.

The two youths that Elder Yun Nie’d had the highest hopes for were together again. One was Jiang Chen, the other Mu...

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