Chapter 1070: Saving Elder Yun Nie

“Is he alone?” Gai Zonglin asked, frowning.

“No… no, he’s not. He brought two others with him.” The person who had come in to deliver the message had not been at the auction. Thus, he didn’t recognize either Emperor Peerless or Jiang Chen.

Hearing this, Gai Zonglin’s expression descended into terror. “What? There’s two other people? What do they look like?”

“One old, one young. They don’t look like normal people.”

Everyone colored at that. Did anything more need to be said? It was Emperor Peerless and Arena Lord Shao. What were they here for? Did they want the one and a half billion back? That would be a big problem. There was no possibility of the gang spitting out a morsel that was already in its mouth. But regardless of how hard-headed its posturing was, it did not match up well against a great emperor!

In that moment, everyone behaved as if a powerful enemy was upon them. Some immediately began to complain. “Just as I thought, there was nothing good about that auction!”

“Selling to a great emperor… there’s no telling whether that’s a blessing or a curse. We were probably too optimistic.”

“Why not halt the banquet altogether?”


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