Chapter 107: Harming a Spirit Dao Practitioner

Chapter 107: Harming a Spirit Dao Practitioner

Not only was Long Juxue perplexed, but even a fellow spirit dao practitioner such as Xu Zhen had a face full of incredulity. He too, couldn’t make sense of what had just happened.

Why had such a large change suddenly taken place in the situation? It was originally a posture of them rolling over and trampling the other, why had Jiang Chen suddenly displayed such powerful battle power?

Even Xu Zhen, who was standing off to the side, could feel the frightening capability of that slash. He knew very clearly that it was only because senior brother Yu Jie was strong enough, that he’d been able to endure that dreadful slash, and only spit out a single mouthful of blood in return.

If it was him, Xu Zhen, on the line, he probably wouldn’t have simply spat out one mouthful of blood.

Even though they all had spirit armor protecting their bodies, the power of that slash was likely powerful enough to damage his spirit meridians, and cause him to lose the ability to battle immediately.

After cleaving down with this one slash, Jiang Chen surprisingly didn’t continue to attack.

A shrill bird call rang out, and a Goldwing Swordbird dived down to catch Jiang Chen. He laid on its back, panting heavily, and threw both a Vast Ocean Pill and a Heavenly Karma Pill into his mouth.

To be honest, Jiang Chen had been...

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