Chapter 1069: Secret Realm

The most she could do was grumble. Faced with someone as forceful as Emperor Peerless, even a temple master of the Temple of Cleansing Fire had to yield several miles. As a lowly auctioneer, she could do even less than that. Madam Man aimed a flirtatious smile at the expressionless emperor. “I’d like to congratulate you in advance, Emperor Peerless. One and a half billion is a lot to pay for Master Mu, and absolutely appropriate for someone of his skill and station. Everyone, please applaud!”

She’d changed tack very smoothly. She knew immediately from Emperor Peerless’s impassive expression that her complaints had displeased him. The tide of her words turned immediately to something much more placatory.

Nobody could act with disregard for a great emperor. Instantly, thunderous applause filled the space. Pillfire City’s own emperors regularly taught their factions who they should try not to tango with and who they should absolutely not anger.  

Emperor Peerless was in the second category. Clapping didn’t cost any money. There was no reason for anyone not to give the emperor a little respect. In the next instant,...

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