Chapter 1066: Jiang Chen Takes the First Crack

Hearing those words left Jiang Chen’s jaws slack. Could this really be true? Did someone really not know what Radiant Celestial Grass was? Most present reacted the same way. They were stuck at an awkward state between tears and laughter. Evidently, the reason had shocked them the same way it did Jiang Chen.

Pill King Blue Phoenix vehemently shook his head. “Shame, shame.”

Master Wang Xuetong laughed. “I hardly think the seller feels ashamed. Maybe it’s actually a clever ruse. He’s just an origin realm cultivator, right? A treasure like this wouldn’t have a fraction of its true effect in his hands. Pretending he doesn’t know what it is and auctioning it off is much better in the long run. Sure, the Temple of Cleansing Fire gets to take some of that money, but it maximizes his profit nevertheless.”

The formation master’s words made perfect sense. Still, Jiang Chen preferred to believe that the Radiant Celestial Grass’s current owner simply failed to identify the plant.

Emperor Peerless seemed to have a different opinion. “Don’t forget, for an origin realm cultivator to have Radiant Celestial Grass… well, it may spell disaster for him. In this case, having something that he cannot protect is quite undesirable. Possession...

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