Chapter 1065: Radiant Celestial Grass

In the end, Gai Zonglin made the final decision to auction off Master Mu. The highest bidder would win. Although they risked offending some factions by doing this, the Star Harvesters knew very well that they were going to offend someone no matter what their choices were. 

They knew that it was almost impossible to offend no one in this endeavor because no matter what happened, there was still only one genius with an innate wood constitution of high order in stock. Someone would be offended no matter who they sold Master Mu to, and chances were some were going to be more offended than the rest. But if the Star Harvesters auctioned off Master Mu, then they could at least limit the damage. After all, they could hardly be blamed for their bidders’ inability to afford a product.


The Temple’s Bounty Arena this time was of incredibly high standards, and it attracted a lot of eyeballs as well. Its popularity indirectly boosted the auction’s popularity, and the Temple took the opportunity to strongly promote the key arena lords who were participating in today’s auction. All of this contributed to the auction’s popularity. 


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