Chapter 1064: Invitation To The Auction

The scale of the Bounty Arena had ballooned with each passing day. At the very beginning, the Temple only aimed to make it a once in a decade event. With the participation of the three great seniors, it became a once in every three centuries event. However, the insight provided by the three seniors and Jiang Chen had elevated it even further, making it a once in a millennia event.

That Jiang Chen was able to solve the Great Yu Skysword Sect’s mission even though it had been unsolved for over 800 years caused a great sensation in Pillfire City.

Even though the great emperor factions didn’t attend the Bounty Arena themselves, the Temple of Cleansing Fire made sure to report the daily affairs of the event to them. The arena lords’ achievements were reported in full. The Temple didn’t divulge Jiang Chen’s identity as they’d sworn an oath, but his achievements were strongly highlighted by Assistant Temple Master Gao.

When the Skysword Sect’s...

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