Chapter 1063: A Great Haul

Myriad Abyss Island? Keeper Xia’s reaction was identical to that of Assistant Temple Master Gao, Emperor Peerless, and the rest. Her eyes widened and her slender body shook. “You… you’re talking about that place?” She gasped. 

Jiang Chen nodded impassively. His makeshift secret was out in the open. If he was going to lie, he might as well go the full length.

‘Myriad Abyss Island.’ These three words almost had a magic to them. Anyone who heard them behaved exactly the same way, no matter how lofty their position, how distinct their strength. Once again, it was utter and unreserved shock. It took a long while for the female keeper to recover herself. “Myriad… Abyss… Island,” she muttered. “That place of legend… does it actually exist?”

Jiang Chen laughed briskly. “Why does everyone think otherwise?”

“No, that’s not it,” Keeper Xia sighed softly. “It’s just… Myriad Abyss Island is too mysterious. Since time immemorial, countless experts from the human domain have dedicated their lives to seeking that insubstantial, mythical place. But there’s never been any ne...

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