Chapter 1061: Haggling over the Ancient Reformation Pill

Jiang Chen hadn’t notified the bounty issuers yet because he wasn’t sure if Lin Yanyu could handle the mission with the eighty million bounty. Notifying them prematurely could negatively influence Lin Yanyu’s reputation. It was why he asked Assistant Temple Master Gao to notify them tomorrow. Giving Lin Yanyu one day was his absolute limit.

Minutes and seconds flew by. Jiang Chen’s fame reached a new high after news went out that he was the bounty king. Both of his arenas were incredibly busy. Everything went on as usual. His assistants would take on the missions first, and he’d take over whatever they couldn’t handle. His income after a day’s work was rather substantial.

Lin Yanyu didn’t disappoint. He found a lead right before the day was up. He was still lacking a few details, but Jiang Chen could tell that he was on the verge of completing the mission.

“Very well done, Yanyu. I shall grant you the full bounty if you finish this mission by yourself. You shan’t have to split the money with me.” Jiang Chen transmitted words of encouragement. Assistants were supposed...

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