Chapter 106: A Mighty Slash

Chapter 106: A Mighty Slash

Yu Jie’s attack was actually strong enough that it was able to completely ignore the Greenwing Swordbird army. He continuously swept aside the Swordbird army like he was sweeping away trash.

The rings of the defensive perimeter loosened out and were broken up one by one in the face of Yu Jie’s powerful attacks. This defensive wall that stretched between heaven and earth was slowly being pried open by Yu Jie, becoming more and more thin and fragile.

“Jiang Chen, I said that no one on heaven or earth would be able to save you!” Yu Jie’s voice was remote, as spirit power continuously rippled out from his two sleeves.

Rings upon rings swept away the Swordbirds flying towards him.

Bam, bam, bam…

The lower level Greenwing Swordbirds couldn’t hold up beneath the onslaught of this sort of spiritual power. They all turned into a bloody rain under the pressure of this power, as their flesh and blood all exploded.

“Chen’er, hurry and flee. Your father will cover your retreat with these Goldwing Swordbirds!”

“Right, Jiang Chen, take Ruo’er and Lin’er with you. Run as far as you can!” Princess Gouyu also despaired, and was prepared to give up her life to cover Jiang Chen’s retreat.

“Flee?” Jiang...

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