Chapter 106: A Mighty Slash

Chapter 106: A Mighty Slash

Yu Jie’s attack was actually strong enough that it was able to completely ignore the Greenwing Swordbird army. He continuously swept aside the Swordbird army like he was sweeping away trash.

The rings of the defensive perimeter loosened out and were broken up one by one in the face of Yu Jie’s powerful attacks. This defensive wall that stretched between heaven and earth was slowly being pried open by Yu Jie, becoming more and more thin and fragile.

“Jiang Chen, I said that no one on heaven or earth would be able to save you!” Yu Jie’s voice was remote, as spirit power continuously rippled out from his two sleeves.

Rings upon rings swept away the Swordbirds flying towards him.

Bam, bam, bam…

The lower level Greenwing Swordbirds couldn’t hold up beneath the onslaught of this sort of spiritual power. They all turned into a bloody rain under the pressure of this power, as their flesh and blood all exploded.

“Chen’er, hurry and flee. Your father will cover your retreat with these Goldwing Swordbirds!”

“Right, Jiang Chen, take Ruo’er and Lin’er with you. Run as far as you can!” Princess Gouyu also despaired, and was prepared to give up her life to cover Jiang Chen’s retreat.

“Flee?” Jiang Chen’s bloodshot eyes shot out a frightening light. There was only battling to the death — at this moment, fleeing would only hasten death!

“Father, Princess Gouyu. These are both disciples of a sect, and their goal is me. When your son starts battling to his death in a moment, both of you take advantage of the right timing to leave first!”

Although Jiang Chen was facing life or death circumstances, his inner being was calm, without any agitation. He knew very clearly that if he ran, both Yu Jie and Xu Zhen would use everything at their disposal to attack him.

Besides, with his father and Princess Gouyu’s strength, they wouldn’t even have the effect of keeping their opponents in check.

“Chen’er, what’s the point in us leaving if you don’t leave?” Jiang Feng grew agitated.

“If I go, then everyone will die together!” Jiang Chen roared lowly.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen’s throat moved slightly as a strange language was emitted from his throat. This language seemed to carry with it a presence from far and ancient times.

Each word and phrase was like the language of the gods and demons of old, making the Goldwing Swordbirds by Jiang Chen’s side all call out ceaselessly.

It was as if this was a spell that could speak to the blood of the Goldwing Swordbirds, that could rouse the Goldwing Swordbirds’ violent tendencies, and triggered an emotion of being bound by a common hatred for an enemy.

Suddenly, all the Goldwing Swordbirds seemed to receive the same command as they scattered in a great rustle. Their wings danced as they circled in the air.

As each Goldwing Swordbird circled in the air, their golden colored wings flashed golden light and formed a round, golden vortex in the middle of the air.

Within the vortex, Jiang Chen’s eyes suddenly widened like those of an ancient deity or a demon opening its eyes, as he shot out in stunning splendor. At the same moment, the nameless saber on his back seemed to receive a certain kind of summoning.

A long howl from the blade came from the unadorned nameless saber. It too bloomed with the silver light of the moon. Jiang Chen’s hands grasped it.

“The third form of ‘Vast Ocean Current Splitter’ - Wave Surge!”

Jiang Chen didn’t retreat, but rather moved forward under Yu Jie’s threatening advance. His honor permitted no turning back as he thrust his blade outward, drawing a beautiful arc through the sky.

Within this scene, the golden colored sea and silvery splendor from the blade actually coalesced into a stream of gold and silver colored light. Man and saber seemed to have merged as one.

A stunning slash. The mountains and rivers changed colors as the vast seas trembled and were astounded.

Wave Surge!

The slowly advancing Yu Jie had been like a hunter toying with his prey, who held victory firmly within his grasp. In his eyes, whether it was Jiang Chen or that innumerous Swordbird army, they were all ants in the throes of despair — things he could step on or ravage at will.

He hadn’t used his full strength to give Jiang Chen and the others a lethal blow, because he was playing with them in order to amuse Long Juxue.

He knew that if he’d killed Jiang Chen instantly, it would’ve helped Long Juxue get her revenge, but it wouldn’t’ve been enough for her to feel satisfied.

Only when the prey was thoroughly tortured, had lost all dignity, and was showing all sorts of ugly behaviors, would it then be perfect to vent one’s anger by slapping them to death with one palm. Only then would there be satisfaction.

Although Yu Jie was one of the ten great disciples beneath Master Shuiyue, his ranking was quite low. It could even be said that he’d barely managed to squeeze in to be a member of the ten great disciples.

Therefore, although it looked like his status was high, once Long Juxue and her innate constitution had entered beneath the tutelage of Master Shuiyue, there’d be a day that she’d surely become the premier genius beneath Master Shuiyue. It was highly likely that she would even surpass the ten great disciples one day.

Thus, although Yu Jie temporarily possessed a higher status than Long Juxue, that was because she had yet to formally enter the sect. She was just stock that had potential.

When Long Juxue’s potential was converted to strength, it would become something that Yu Jie would be unable to measure up to.

Hence, Yu Jie’s current actions were purposefully to curry favor with Long Juxue, and make it so that she would remember this favor of his.

When Long Juxue grew strong and mighty in the future, she might spare a thought for past relationships, and take care of him in some way.

The Swordbird army was powerful, but that was only to ordinary practitioners and common armies. The advantage of superior numbers was completely nonexistent when faced with a spirit dao practitioner.

Not to mention that, as one of the ten great disciples beneath Master Shuiyue, Yu Jie wasn’t on a level that a spirit dao practitioner like Xu Zhen could even aspire to reach.

Everything had been going perfectly at first. Although Jiang Chen had a great Swordbird army that protected him fearlessly, the Swordbird army was unable to form any sort of strong defensive perimeter in front of Yu Jie.

Annihilate, trample, and devastate!

Yu Jie had originally planned on this easy act of crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood as a greeting gift to Long Juxue — to declare that he was on her side with action and bloodletting.

However, he himself hadn’t expected that such unexpected developments would appear!

In his eyes, not only did Jiang Chen — who he viewed as on the same level as an ant — not flee, nor did he continue to hide like a turtle, instead he rushed out from the defense of the Swordbird army.

Not only did he dash out, but he also made this unsurpassed slash!

Except, the pride of a sect disciple instinctively made Yu Jie feel that this was merely one of Jiang Chen’s performances, a last ditch effort.

Snorting lightly, the corners of Yu Jie’s proud mouth leaked a trace of a contemptful smile. His finger lifted slightly, as a ring of blue light expanded from his fingertip.

He said faintly, “Floundering desperately before dying, kneel!”

It looked like the strength from a single fingertip, but it actually contained seventy to eighty percent of the spirit power within his body. It formed a beam of white light that was as real and illusionary as wavering runes.

“Lunar Vortex Illusion!”

An accumulated blow encompassing the mysteries of water swept through the air, with strong oppressive momentum.

The Lunar Vortex Illusion was a spirit dao attack containing the mysteries of water.

Wave Surge, the third level of mysteries in Vast Ocean Current Splitter!

It was as if a confrontation preordained by fate had unwittingly appeared in the air over the Second Crossing.

It looked like a coincidence, but it was actually destined!

“Heh heh, senior brother Yu Jie has been forced to attack with the mysteries. This kid can be proud of himself. But this is where it ends.” Xu Zhen sighed in astonishment from afar.

When Long Juxue saw Yu Jie’s mighty blow, its power was so strong that her emotions still surged even when she was so far away. Every inch of her skin was in great discomfort — like needles were stabbing her — and her breathing became hard to control.

Jiang Chen resided in the heart of the attack, and was facing a mighty blow that wasn’t even on the same level. What reason did he have to survive this?

Long Juxue felt greatly satisfied, but also felt that letting Jiang Chen die in this manner was giving him an easy way out.

But, with Long Juxue’s current status, she naturally couldn’t make any further demands of Yu Jie. She only locked her gaze onto the battlefield, not wanting to miss a single detail of Jiang Chen being tortured to death.

“Jiang Chen, it’s your lucky day that you can die just like this!” The hate in Long Juxue’s heart was unabated. “Except, before I send your family and the remnants of the Eastern clan to reunite with you in the underworld, I, Long Juxue, will make them fully taste the cruel tortures of this world.”

The blue ring of light continued to expand from Yu Jie’s fingertip like a blue spirit power dome. It cascaded out layers of blue ripples, as if wanting to firmly enclose everything in its path to attack Jiang Chen.

The slash of Wave Surge finally billowed into its target.

In the moment that the light from the blade and the blue ring connected, the golden-colored true qi being released by the hundreds of Goldwing Swordbirds suddenly coalesced into a golden-colored sea.

This golden-colored sea seemed to form some sort of connection, as it all coalesced into a streak of golden colored light in this moment, infusing itself into Jiang Chen’s fascinatingly enchanting slash.

The saber’s aura instantly grew by ten, then a hundred times!


Victory had been within his grasp, and Yu Jie had felt that he was just crushing an ant, when his eyes suddenly shot out a beam of astonishment.

With the perception of a spirit dao practitioner, he naturally had the ability to detect the changes in that moment.

Except, when he attempted to react, the strong slash from the saber had already arrived.

“I say break!”

Jiang Chen roared mightily, as the nameless saber built up to waves and billows as it churned up a thousand layers, landing solidly onto the blue ring.

The blue ring had been impregnable, but started cracking open from the middle when the light from the blade came crashing down.

It was like a peerless master slashing and cleaving through waves, and ending rivers with one stroke.

“No!” When Xu Zhen saw this in the distance, he cried out. “Be careful senior brother Yu!”

Except, how could've Yu Jie not realized that something was dreadfully wrong when Xu had also perceived the danger? However, everything was happening too quickly.

When he planned on coalescing his second hit, the light from the saber had already broken through his spirit dome and landed on his chest!

The arrogant sect disciple, the proud Yu Jie, he who had threatened with every step forward, finally retreated backwards in the face of such a powerful blow.

He actually backed up more than ten steps!

Pfft. Even one as strong as Yu Jie couldn't help but spit out a mouthful of blood, as the spirit meridians within his body had also suffered injury.

“How can this be?” Long Juxue’s almond-like eyes were greatly widened. She had stared without blinking, in order to see Jiang Chen harried and haggard figure — his despair and helplessness.

She had never thought that with her strong concentration, she hadn't seen Jiang Chen tortured to death, but the unparalleled senior brother Yu Jie forced to back up with one slash!

Her heart began trembling uncontrollably — she didn't even have the courage to look at Jiang Chen!

This slash had almost completely turned the situation around.

Except, she simply couldn't understand. How could Jiang Chen have forced a spirit dao practitioner, whose existence was the stuff of legends in the Eastern Kingdom, to retreat with a single stroke?

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