Chapter 1059: A Stunning Pillfire City

Jiang Chen had a total of eighteen assistants since he was the lord of two arenas. Many were discontent because Lin Yanyu was clearly getting preferential treatment, but they didn’t dare show it on their faces. After all, the arena lord was the one calling the shots. It was his right to distribute bounties to whomever he wanted. They could only follow his orders as they were only assistants.

However, the reality of things didn’t lessen their dissatisfaction one bit. They belittled and looked down upon Lin Yanyu because of his age. How could someone as young as him receive so much preferential treatment? It was clearly because he was around the same age as the arena lord. They simply had more in common. 

The arena lord announced that everyone was free to accept the sovereign missions, but nobody volunteered. They were certain that they couldn’t handle missions of this caliber. Doing so would only be a waste of their time. Moreover, they had to pay up if they failed....

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