Chapter 1057: The Best of Friends Despite Differences in Age

Seeing Emperor Peerless’s normally radiant and graceful visage so sad filled Jiang Chen with compassion. He felt that he had to do something for the emperor.

“Senior, where is your dao partner presently?” he suddenly asked.

Emperor Peerless blinked. He blurted out the answer subconsciously. “I have her somewhere secret and safe. Not in Pillfire City itself, but not far from here.”

Jiang Chen nodded. “My cultivation is rudimentary, and I therefore have no grounds for self-recommendation. That aside, though I might not be able to heal your partner’s injury, I might yet be able to extend her life via a means or two.”

“What?” Hearing this made the emperor jump up like a spring. The emperor’s gaze on him was almost searing, but Jiang Chen kept his cool. He inclined his head once, twice, in the affirmative.

“You… you really have a way?” Emperor Peerless’s voice trembled. It was a far cry from his typical refinement.

Indeed, Jiang Chen had a way to extend the emperor’s partner’s life. In fact, he thought himself quite capable of taking care of a supposed ‘internal injury’ as well. It was simply better to keep his mouth shut about...

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