Chapter 1056: The Great Emperor’s Worries

The root of the issue was now resolved. Earning Jiang Chen’s forgiveness was the same as being forgiven by Emperor Peerless. However, Nan Gongjun didn’t dare to celebrate just yet. He immediately visited Emperor Peerless to admit his wrongdoings. The emperor was aware that Jiang Chen had already come to a settlement with the Nangong clan. 

“Nangong Jun, I’m not the kind of person that seeks trouble, but that doesn’t mean I’m afraid of it. If this had happened two thousand years ago, you wouldn’t even have the chance to beg for forgiveness right now.”  

Nangong Ping trembled with fear. “I-I understand. We will forever be grateful for Your Majesty’s leniency.” He forced a smile. He wasn’t saying this out of courtesy. He genuinely believed that the emperor had been lenient with them. If it’d been some other hot headed emperor, his son would’ve already be dead before he had the chance to hire goons to cause another round of trouble.

“Take your men and leave. This emperor hopes that your clan will be...

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