Chapter 1055: Jiang Chen Makes Out Like a Bandit

The morning of the second day, Nangong Jun and the rest of the house’s elders brought a restrained Nangong Ping to the Temple of Cleansing Fire’s entrance. They found Assistant Temple Master Gao before the Bounty Arena had even opened.

“Brother Gao, I must apologize profusely. I have taught my son poorly and caused you much trouble.” These were the clan head’s first words of great recalcitrance to the assistant temple master.

Temple Master Gao harrumphed. He glared at Nangong Ping, the latter’s face pale and frightened. “Hmph! I don’t know what to say. Is one loss not discouragement enough for you to refrain from a second offense? Do you think that the Nangong clan is the greatest beneath the heavens? Even if Emperor Peerless hadn’t been present, Arena Lord Shao is not someone you can trifle with. What gave you the confidence to challenge him?”

The harsh words the assistant temple master had sent to Nangong Jun prior was mere posturing, meant for the common observer. Deep within his heart, he knew that this wasn’t something they would fall out over.

The questions mark the end of the affair for him, Nangong Jun...

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