Chapter 1054: The Emperor Rages, and the World Trembles

While speaking, Jiang Chen shot the two bounty scrolls at Wang Xuetong and Pill King Blue Phoenix while grabbing a third bounty scroll to look at. Then, he sneered. “Ah yes, this, the so-called ancient talisman. If my eyes aren’t playing tricks on me, this is a piece of tiger skin. I’ll admit that it’s a good material for making talismans, but seriously, can’t you put at least put a bit of effort into your forgery? The cinnabar on this thing hasn’t even dried yet. My hands are red after just touching it once. I can’t believe you call this moronic thing an ancient talisman. You want me to fix this? Are you sure you haven’t given me your mother’s menstrual pad by mistake?”

The crowd burst out into raucous laughter. Arena Lord Shao Yuan is truly ruthless. It can’t get any worse than this. A menstrual pad was something that a woman used only during their monthly period. It didn’t take much effort to fill up one’s mind with evil imaginations. [1]

Jiang Chen tossed the pitiful excuse of thing towards Assistant Temple Master Gao. “You may think that I’m a trouble magnet, but I’ll ask only this: what do you think I should do with obvious troublemakers like these?”

The assistant temple master’s...

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