Chapter 1054: The Emperor Rages, and the World Trembles

While speaking, Jiang Chen shot the two bounty scrolls at Wang Xuetong and Pill King Blue Phoenix while grabbing a third bounty scroll to look at. Then, he sneered. “Ah yes, this, the so-called ancient talisman. If my eyes aren’t playing tricks on me, this is a piece of tiger skin. I’ll admit that it’s a good material for making talismans, but seriously, can’t you put at least put a bit of effort into your forgery? The cinnabar on this thing hasn’t even dried yet. My hands are red after just touching it once. I can’t believe you call this moronic thing an ancient talisman. You want me to fix this? Are you sure you haven’t given me your mother’s menstrual pad by mistake?”

The crowd burst out into raucous laughter. Arena Lord Shao Yuan is truly ruthless. It can’t get any worse than this. A menstrual pad was something that a woman used only during their monthly period. It didn’t take much effort to fill up one’s mind with evil imaginations. [1]

Jiang Chen tossed the pitiful excuse of thing towards Assistant Temple Master Gao. “You may think that I’m a trouble magnet, but I’ll ask only this: what do you think I should do with obvious troublemakers like these?”

The assistant temple master’s face looked incredibly ugly after he caught the tiger’s skin and gave it a look.

It was at this moment Pill King Blue Phoenix swore loudly. “Who is the brainless idiot who called this an ancient pill recipe? Show me your face so I can see if you have a pig’s head on your shoulders! These people are obviously here to make trouble, Assistant Temple Master Gao. When is this going to end if they keep doing this? The Temple cannot possibly let this stand!”

Pill King Blue Phoenix hadn’t made any drastic comments earlier, but it was obvious that he was enraged now. A brainless, fake pill recipe put pill dao to shame, and that was the one thing he couldn’t stand the most. He wasn’t being partial to Jiang Chen, he just couldn’t stand something like this from the bottom of his heart.

Pill dao was sacred to Pill King Blue Phoenix. He absolutely couldn’t forgive anyone who used it like this. At least put some effort into your forgery! The fact that this forgery was so stupid only made him angrier.

Even Wang Xuetong was shaking his head. “Nonsense, this isn’t a formation at all. The person who made this doesn’t even understand the basics of formations. It’s absolute nonsense, nonsense!”

Wang Xuetong was a goody two shoes, but he never lied about something that involved his profession.

Assistant Temple Master Gao’s face grew even uglier. He stared coldly at the fellows who were full of righteous indignation just moments earlier. “You lot are determined to cause trouble in the Bounty Arena, aren’t you?”

The accused lot panicked. They were the scum of society and lowlife of the streets. After they being bribed by Nangong Ping’s men and fooled with honeyed words, they had come to the Bounty Arena to cause trouble or to put it bluntly, attack Jiang Chen. As for the consequences? Their unenlightened brains hadn’t thought that deeply. They thought that they would suffer a beating at worst, and it was obvious that whatever Nangong Ping’s men offered them was worth a beating and a lot more.

That was why they had shown up without a speck of hesitation. That was why they were utterly fearless when they stirred up the pot. Their mission was to cause trouble and embarrass Jiang Chen from the very beginning. The person who paid them also guaranteed that the worst thing that could happen to them was a mere beating. He even said that they might be chased out completely unharmed.

Assistant Temple Master Gao’s face was as cold as ice, and yet these fools couldn’t read an expression to save their own lives. They yelled loudly, “What the hell do you mean by that? We are here to post a bounty, and yet you’re accusing us of causing trouble? You’re obviously working together to oppress your customers!”

“Yeah, you’re accusing us because you don’t understand our mission. You’re just trying to conceal your low standards, aren’t you?”

“Hmph, this Bounty Arena is a sham after all!” This lot was prodigiously stupid. They didn’t realize the severity of the situation at all. Their ignorance also showed just how treacherous Nangong Ping was. He never told them how serious the situation was. He wasn’t just using them to make trouble for Jiang Chen, but also to slap the Temple’s face.

This was because Nangong Ping was a vengeful person, and the Temple of Cleansing Fire had become his target as well. As for whether the idiots lived or died, Nangong Ping didn’t care in the least. He wasn’t the one who personally ordered them to do this anyways. Even if the Temple knew that he was the mastermind behind all this, they didn’t have any evidence to accuse him.

Nangong Ping’s scheme was devious and disgusting. Not only did he seek to embarrass the Temple of Cleansing Fire and Jiang Chen with his act, but the entire Bounty Arena as well.

Assistant Temple Master Gao’s face darkened. As a murderous intent passed through his eyes, the man ordered with a wave. “Take them away and kill them!”

The Temple of Cleansing Fire was no ground of mercy. It was obvious that this series of unrepentant transgressions had completely exceeded their bottom line. Assistant Temple Master Gao’s hate had reached even Nangong Ping. He was certain that Nangong Ping was the culprit behind all this, but he also knew that the bastard would’ve steered clear from this nonsense. There was no way he could find anything even if he were to investigate this to the end.

Plus, Assistant Temple Master Gao didn’t want to break ties with the Nangong Family just because of this. That was why he laid ordered the group to be killed and save himself some unnecessary troubles. The fighters of the Temple had been waiting for this moment for a very long time. The moment they heard these orders, they immediately rushed forward and captured the five fools.

The lot was nothing more than street thugs, so how strong could they possibly be? They were taken into captivity without being able to resist at all. It was only when they heard the kill order that the lot realized just how big of a blunder they committed.

“Ah, have mercy, don’t kill me!”

“Don’t kill me, I’m innocent!”

“I confess, someone ordered me to do this!”

“Aah! Please don’t kill me, I have an eighty year old mother and a three year old kid…” The pathetic cries immediately caused the Bounty Arena’s atmosphere to sink to new depths of incongruity.

Assistant Temple Master Gao was incredibly furious. He never imagined that the Bounty Arena would turn into a mess like this. Even if the customers chose not to leave, this commotion would still be a stain in the history of the Temple of Cleansing Fire. The constant trouble that kept happening in the Bounty Arena was without a doubt a form of an indirect shaming on the Temple.

He waved his hands again. “Take them away!” He then called over another aide. “Go to the Nangong clan and inform them of my will. Tell the head of the Nangong clan to keep that bastard Nangong Ping under control, and that we won’t suffer a third transgression. If this were to happen again, then the wrath of the Temple will befall his family!”

“Yes sir!”

Assistant Temple Master Gao had finally bared his fangs, but in Jiang Chen’s eyes, it was nothing more than pretense. The assistant temple master was just giving both sides a set of stairs to step down. Just as the aide was about to leave the scene, Emperor Peerless suddenly interjected, “Wait.”

The aide came to a stop after a distracted moment. “What are your orders, great emperor?”

“I would like you to bring a message of mine to Nangong Jun too. Tell him that I am waiting for his show of sincerity. If he doesn’t give a response soon, I will personally visit him after this Bounty Arena is over.”

Everyone was shocked when they heard this order. Emperor Peerless was obviously planning to cause trouble for the Nangong clan!

The aide hurriedly looked at Assistant Temple Master Gao after hearing Emperor Peerless’ message. He wanted to know what his superior’s stance in this matter.

Naturally, Assistant Temple Master Gao didn’t dare turn down Emperor Peerless’ demand. He waved his hand again. “Do as Emperor Peerless says.”

In the end, it was Emperor Peerless who put on a real show of force. Some of the crowd were secretly excited by this. Unless they were sorely mistaken, the Nangong clan was soon to meet with a spell of misfortune. The wrath of Emperor Peerless was absolutely not something they could withstand!

Even if the Nangong clan was supported by a great emperor faction, they weren’t a great emperor faction themselves. Therefore, they weren’t strong enough to endure Emperor Peerless’ might. The Nangong clan would gain nothing but misfortune for offending Emperor Peerless.

While the crowd was delighting in the Nangong Family’s misery, they couldn’t help but wonder: Just who is this young man? Not only does he command two arenas on his own, Pill King Blue Phoenix and Formation Master Wang Xuetong gives him face too. Even Emperor Peerless is clearly taking care of him. Can he be Emperor Peerless’ junior or something?

“This young man must have a prestigious background, or there’s no way the Temple will let him command two arenas by himself.” The mystery of Jiang Chen shrouded everyone’s minds for a moment.

After two such ridiculous commotion in a row, half of the day had essentially been wasted. When the day was finally over, the income of all arenas had reduced by at least thirty percent.

The Temple of Cleansing Fire was furious because of this, but even worse was the fact that they had nowhere to vent their ill temper.

Meanwhile, the head of the Nangong clan, Nangong Jun sneezed a couple of times in a row back in his own home. While he was feeling bewildered by his unusual condition, he received the message from the Temple of Cleansing Fire. The man was thrown into disorder immediately after he heard the message. He knew that his spoiled child was a rod of trouble, but he never imagined that he would dare cause trouble in the Bounty Arena!

Not once, but twice in a row! Nangong Jun actually felt like slamming his head against the wall for a second. He could hear from the tone of the Temple’s envoy alone that they were truly enraged this time, but if that was all, he could’ve dealt with their fury. Most shocking was Emperor Peerless himself had sent a message.

The meaning behind his words were as clear as day. If Nangong Jun didn’t clean up this mess and head over to the Bounty Arena to explain himself, the great emperor was going to visit him personally in his residence.

Nangong Jun couldn’t help but shudder violently at this point. “Summon all the elders now, quickly!”

Not long after the emergency summons was sent out, every elder in the Nangong Family gathered in one place in fifteen minutes. They all wore confused looks on their faces. Why had the family head send for them so suddenly? There hadn’t been an enemy invasion, nor was there any big unforeseen events as of late.

A palefaced Nangong Jun said, “I’ve failed you all, elders. I have failed to educate my son properly and have brought great trouble to us all…”

At this point the elders were completely confused by this unbelievably humble attitude. The usual Nangong Jun wasn’t like this at all.

“Family Head, what on earth did Nangong Ping do again?”

“It shouldn’t be too bad, right? This is Pillfire City, it shouldn’t be a problem if he caused a bit of trouble here.”

“Family Head, this isn’t the first time young master Ping has caused us trouble. If it’s nothing big, you can make a decision yourself.”

“Yeah, we are prestigious enough in Pillfire City. Whoever they are, they have to give us some face.”

Nangong Jun shook his head and sighed. “It’s different this time…”

He eventually stammered out the entire mess. When he was done, every elder had turned pale with shock and panic.

1. I have no clue what this might be. You guys?

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