Chapter 1053: One Issue After Another

The issue was settled cleanly thanks to Emperor Peerless. The Temple of Cleansing Fire had been a little too wishy-washy in their handling of this matter. This caused the emperor to temporarily explode with popularity. Jiang Chen’s impression of Emperor Peerless was even better than before. He could tell that the emperor was a straightforward person who truly knew how to carry his seniority in front of others.

When the emperor had seen how indecisive and wishy-washy the Temple was being, he immediately stepped in and tossed that young good-for-nothing out without wasting a single breath. His domineering yet effective way of handling the matter left a good impression in others.

“I’m grateful for your help, Senior Peerless.” Jiang Chen thanked the emperor with proper manners.

“Even If I hadn’t stepped in, that good-for-nothing will still surely suffer in your hands. However, it's better to let me be the bad guy.” Emperor Peerless had very keen eyes and could tell that Nangong Ping was nothing to the youth before him. He knew that the youth wasn't from Pillfire City...

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