Chapter 1052: Unexpected Incident

Jiang Chen glanced at the spirit beast in the noble son’s hand. Nothing seemed to be wrong with it. It was keen-eyed, powerful, and brimming with explosive strength.

“Arena Lord Shao, I heard that you did pretty well during the arena lord tryouts, didn’t you? Even Formation Master Wang Xuetong has nothing but praises for you. Well, his arena is out of the question. He said that you may be the only one in this entire Bounty Arena who can solve my bounty. I gotta say that I’m pretty confused though. You don’t look much older than I am, so how can you possibly win such high praises from old man Wang Xuetong? What kind of benefits did you sneak under the table, or are you actually his bastard son or something?” Noble fops like this guy was disgusting to say the least. He was arrogant, rude, and showed no intention of conducting himself in a socially acceptable manner at all.

Jiang Chen responded indifferently, “You are here to seek medical treatment, aren’t you? Or are you just here to talk?”

The dandy laughed. “Can’t take a joke, can you? Alright alright, I suppose the mistake is mine. Anyway, can you tell me what’s going on with this Cloud Devouring Tiger, man?...

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