Chapter 1050: The Bounty Arena Begins

Jiang Chen truly wasn’t planning on currying favor with Emperor Peerless. However, he was very interested in the emperor, just like the latter was very interested in him. Jiang Chen didn’t rush to recruit his assistants. He was a principled person, and he wished recruit his assistants to his banner as well. That was why he set a very high bar of entry.

His first requirement was that all who wished to become his assistant must be wandering cultivators. Wandering cultivators had no other ties, so they would be easier to recruit than ones supported by various sects and powers. Although most wandering cultivators preferred to be free and had unrestrained personalities, Jiang Chen still preferred to interact with them compared to the cultivators of big powers.

He wasn’t worried if some cultivators might fake their abilities in attempt to get in. To begin with, those with true power and influence would never disguise themselves as a wandering cultivator just to be an assistant. They would think the act beneath them. This was just one example of how much more complicated Jiang Chen’s assistant selection process was compared...

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